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The Rewind Recommends: Seth Meyers' Netflix Standup Special Is Good Clean Fun

The Rewind Recommends: Seth Meyers' Netflix Standup Special Is Good Clean Fun

There's no denying the qualities of standups such as Kevin Hart and David Chappelle but do you know what? Every now and again it's nice to enjoy a standup show that's ... how can I describe this? ... a show that you wouldn't feel uncomfortable watching with your parents.

Seth Meyers' new Netflix special 'Lobby Baby' is just that show.

Now don't get me wrong, the late night host is by no means opposed to a cutting jibe and has one of the quickest wits in show business but Lobby Baby is as heartwarming as it is funny. It's Meyers as the ultimate dinner party guest if he was the only person permitted to speak. He's endearing, he's funny and he's not going to say something crude that will leave everyone sitting in awkward silence at table. Unless you're a Donald Trump fan.


Speaking of Trump, Meyers couldn't go a whole show without poking some fun at America's biggest punching bag but given that he and every other TV show host in the States spends every waking second making Trump jokes, one could be forgiven for not wanting to hear any more of them. Not to worry however, Meyers is cognisant of that and has included a 'Skip Politics' button that allows Netflix viewers to jump ahead in the show, past all his politics chat.

All-in-all, Meyers' show is sharp, snappy and perfect for those evenings when you aren't in the mood for something too taxing but still want to be well entertained for an hour.

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