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Shaun Wallace Pushes Back On Notion Of Changing 'The Chase' Nickname

Shaun Wallace Pushes Back On Notion Of Changing 'The Chase' Nickname

The Chase is the best quiz show around at the minute. On our screens for over a decade at this point, it is made by personality of the chasers.

Each of the five chasers has their own nickname, but one of them was recently changed for Australian television.

Shaun Wallace was taking part in version of the show Down Under when his 'The Dark Destroyer' moniker when it was decided to change his name to 'The Destroyer' due to potential racial undertones.

it had been reported that ITV considered doing the same, especially given the current 'Black Lives Matter' movement taking place across the globe.

While the station's bosses ultimately decided against doing so, Wallace himself would not have allowed such a move.


Speaking to The Sun, the chaser said he likes his nickname on the show and that there is no 'sinister' reason behind it.

It was actually Bradley who started to call me the Dark Destroyer, and there was absolutely no side or sinister reason behind it.

So no, Britain may be less PC, but guess what? I am proud to be black.

If ITV were to ask me, or consider changing it, then I would tell them this, 'I am proud to be black, I am proud to be dark. I want the name to stay as it is'.

And because of my intellect - and I destroy people because of my intellect - then so be it. That's the way I use the term the Dark Destroyer, and I am not offended. And I hope other people aren't offended either.

You can expect to see 'The Dark Destroyer' being a fixture of the show for quite a while yet.

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