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Sinn Féin Nominate Paddy Holohan For South Dublin County Council Mayor

Sinn Féin Nominate Paddy Holohan For South Dublin County Council Mayor

Sinn Féin have nominated councillor Paddy Holohan to become South Dublin County Council mayor, despite suspending the former UFC fight for making ill-judged comments earlier this year.

Holohan was elected to the South Dublin County Council in 2019, but would find himself in hot water for comments made on his podcast in January of this year.

On the Paddy Holohan's No Shame Podcast, he said that Taoiseach Leo Varadkar did not understand Ireland's culture or history due to his Indian heritage, while in a later episode he said he felt Varadkar was not suitable to run the country as he was not a 'family man'.

Holohan would go on to apologise for those remarks.

However, he would later find himself in more trouble for comments made on the podcast. When discussing the 'me too' movement, Holohan said that 'there is some f**king scum women out there as well,' before going on to say there have been many examples of underage girls making false accusations against men in order to blackmail them for money.

He was suspended by Sinn Féin for those comments, although leader Mary Lour McDonald accepted his apology for making the remarks, although she did brand them as "beyond offensive" and "very upsetting".

A number of people were very surprised that the party opted to nominate the former UFC fighter considering the highly controversial comments he had made.


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