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New Measures Expected Today To Help Laid Off Workers And Enforce Social Distancing

New Measures Expected Today To Help Laid Off Workers And Enforce Social Distancing

After social distancing has proved difficult to comprehend for many across the country, especially as the weather has improved in recent days, it is expected the government will shortly take further steps to avoid mass gatherings in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis.

The National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) have been requested by Leo Varadkar's government to advise on the next steps needed regarding public interactions. The Cabinet will meet this morning to discuss the findings of NPHET.

The government are currently against the idea of a full lockdown, but are expected to announce significant restrictions on travel, work and movement.

It is unlikely that parks and beaches will be fully closed at this time, but stricter implementation of social distancing in this areas will be announced, while playgrounds which have not already closed will be shut.

The government are also expected to put in place a multi-billion euro package for emergency welfare payments for those who's work has been affected by the deepening crisis. According to the Irish Times, there will be a significant increase on the weekly €203 payment for people who've been laid off due to the coronavirus.

It is believed workers will receive 70 to 80% of their previous income from the state, while businesses can apply for state aid if they can proof their revenue has dropped 25% or have liquidity issues.

Last night, two further deaths due to Covid-19 were announced and the number of cases in the Republic of Ireland grew to 1,125.



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