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Netflix's 'Cheer' May Be The Best Sport Documentary Out There

Netflix's 'Cheer' May Be The Best Sport Documentary Out There

When you think of cheerleading, you likely picture a group of girls done up to the nines with pom-poms standing on the side of an American Football field keeping the crowd's spirits up.

What you probably don't envisage is a group of hardened athletes putting their mind and bodies on the line, performing increasingly dangerous moves with no real prospect of a sports career after college.

Cheer on Netflix is a new documentary by the makers of the streaming giant's mega popular, Last Chance U. The six episode series follows the team at Navarro College from Corsicana, Texas as they prepare for the National Championships at the cheerleading-Mecca, Daytona Beach.

They are under the guidance of coach Monica Aldama, a 14-time NCA National Championship winner, not to mention her five "Grand National" designations. Grand National status is awarded to the team with the highest overall score in that year's competition. Aldama, for Last Chance U viewers, is basically as demanding as Coach Brown but without all the controversy.

The show provides a fascinating insight into the lives of various cheerleaders, all at different skill levels and with different roles within the team. From Gabi Butler, a cheerleading superstar amongst younger generations trying to cope with the pressure and expectation (mainly from her demanding parents) to Morgan Simianer, a young Wyoming woman fighting for her spot on the mat (you will learn all the cheerleading lingo fast) whilst dealing with her difficult past.


People all over the world can't get enough of the action:

Cheer may not be the most obvious sports documentary on Netflix but it's definitely worth watching and although it hasn't officially been renewed for a second season, it feels like an inevitability at this stage.

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