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Celtic Fans Will Love The Presenter Of The Australian 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?'

Celtic Fans Will Love The Presenter Of The Australian 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?'

Eddie McGuire is a busy man. He's the current president of Collingwood's AFL club, he's an Aussie Rules commentator, a breakfast show host and has also had a long career in sports journalism. As well as all that he is the host of Millionaire Hotseat, a spin-off of the original Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? TV show, which ... you guessed it ... Eddie also presented.

A child of a Glaswegian father and Irish mother, McGuire is a big Celtic fan, as a couple of his quips on Million Hotseat exemplify.

One contestant went with "Celtic" as the answer to the $20,000 question "Which of these 'seas' is not a part of the Mediterranean Sea?".

Eddie teased him: "You reckon that they wouldn't have a sea in the Mediterranean Sea named after the greatest soccer team in the world? Glasgow Celtic? No? No? I'm a big Celtic man," before revealing the contestant was dead right.

On another occasion a Rangers fan was in the hotseat and he was asked "In the standard division of the visible light spectrum into seven colours, which colour is the centre?". Given the choice between Orange, Red, Blue and Green, he opted for Orange.


"It says here that if you won the money you'd want to go see Rangers play Celtic. Are you a Rangers fan?" asked Eddie. When the contestant said he was, Eddie replied "You are, so that's why you went with orange. You should have gone for green!"

McGuire seems an affable character, with Sarah Rowe mentioning him when chatting to The Age about a President Club lunch she attended after her move to Collingwood:

“I was just sitting there, I didn’t even know that anybody knew my name or anything. Then Eddie said, ‘I’d like to welcome our new Irish recruit, Sarah Rowe, all the way from Mayo’. He called me up on stage and asked what number I wear at home, and I said 14. And he said, ‘well look here, we have a Collingwood jersey with number 14 and the name Rowe on the back, what a coincidence'.”

Celtic fandom or no Celtic fandom, he's gotten us intrigued about this weird version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? now!

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