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The Best Black Friday Laptop Deals

The Best Black Friday Laptop Deals

So Black Friday is nearly upon us and the deals are starting to roll in - it's important to stay sharp and keep your wits about you in these "sales" as some of the offers are not really as good as they say they are.

To cut through all the noise, black tags, big claims and super discount chat we've pulled together a list of some of the best laptop deals out there.

On Amazon there are a number of decent deals for mid range laptops - those that are ideal for college, light video editing and image editing and some basic gaming. These laptops will be perfect unless you are looking to edit 4k video or play top end games at the highest frame rate.

First up is the Huawei series - one of the best built laptops out there at present, with the only downside being a strangely positioned webcam - situated in the keyboard for some reason.

The Huawei Matebook 14 comes with 512gb of SSD storage - faster and also smaller than you might be used to if your laptop is a few years old. There is 8gb of RAM up on there that will be enough to take a decent amount of tabs on board. The screen and build is second to none in this price bracket with fingerprint scanner - a near normal on laptops these days.



You want a bigger screen? The 15inch version is right here


Currys also have a decent deal on this HP laptop - find it here


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Black Friday Laptop Deals

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