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Netflix Release Series Based On Earliest Days Of Football In England

Netflix Release Series Based On Earliest Days Of Football In England

We need to get our football fix somehow. The lack of live action is really starting to wear us down, and it's even worse on the weekends. We should be getting ready for a cracking weekend of sport, but instead we will be inside looking for something decent to watch online for the 47th time this week.

There's only so many times you can go back and watch the highlights of old games. Believe us, we are starting to test the limits on that one.

We need something new. While this isn't quite we were looking for, it could do the job for now.

Netflix have released a new show titled The English Game, which is based around the early days of organised football across the water.

The six part series, which is based on a true story, details the class divide that was present in those early days. Essentially, the posh boys didn't want those commoners playing their game. Classic conflict follows, showing how football would eventually would become the game of the masses.

You can watch the trailer below:


The whole thing looks a bit over-the-top, but it could be worth a rattle.

Also, how much more interesting would the Premier League be if they were forced to wear kits like those ones? We're all for it.

We detailed other promising looking upcoming releases on Netflix here.

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