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The Rewind Recommends: 5 Things You Need To Watch, Read And Listen To Today

The Rewind Recommends: 5 Things You Need To Watch, Read And Listen To Today

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As It Was:

If you are not looking to relish the past glories of a jaded and once great pop icon, then you my friend, are simply living in the wrong era. While Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman have both garnered critical acclaim as biopics of Freddie Mercury and Elton John respectively, As It Was - a straight up documentary following the wilderness years of Liam Gallagher's career - promises to be slightly different.

The documentary was released in selected cinemas yesterday, but is also available for download from its website. Following on from the massively successful Oasis documentary, Supersonic, released in 2016, As It Was charts the disintegration of Oasis, Liam's subsequent struggles with finding a new road to go down creatively, and the numerous legal battles that swamped his personal life. Intercutting footage from his heyday in the '90s helps to show how his life has changed and how he's been forced to undergo a sort of delayed maturing. As he says in the trailer, he now only has two cans before going on stage, as opposed to the eight it used to be.

Documentary Now!:


From documentaries concerning the troubles of an aging rock star, to a series of documentaries, some of which, concern the troubles of aging rock stars, let it never be said that this list doesn't have range. Documentary Now! is an anthology series of documentary parodies, created by SNL alumni, Bill Hader, Fred Armisen and Seth Meyers. With three seasons of the show out there, and a fourth recently commissioned by broadcaster IFC, there's a lot to jump into. Each episode parodies a particular documentary, but they all stand up individually even if you aren't familiar with the source material. A particular highlight from the first season is the third episode which parodies VICE style documentaries and sees severely under-qualified hipsters attempt to track down a notorious cartel leader in Mexico.

The Day The Dinosaurs Died:

From documentaries looking at the old dinosaurs of rock, to articles looking at old dinosaurs in rock, let it never be said that his list doesn't have range. This fantastic piece in the New Yorker is an amazing piece of writing charting what could be one of the most significant fossil discoveries of the last century. The article is massive, all encompassing and very clear in helping to elaborate on what is so important about this discovery in question, so it's best to just read it yourself rather than have me attempt to cobble together a summary. However, given that it is my contractual duty to do just that, here we go.

In essence, it follows one young PhD student who believes to have found the fossilised remains of plants and animals that were captured in a mud-pit on the day, 65 million years ago, that the asteroid which wiped out the dinosaurs struck the earth. These animals and plants that he discovered were entombed at the moment of death by an apparent tsunami, caused by the asteroid, which tore apart the world they inhabited. It is a long but breath-taking read.



From David Cross and Bob Odenkirk's seminal 90s sketch show, Mr. Show With Bob and David, who are probably now best known from their roles in Arrested Development and Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul respectively, this is one of the most wonderfully dumb sketches out there. What is perhaps the greatest thing about this sketch however is the fact that Heinz have literally turned it into reality, releasing a line of fusion condiments. Unfortunately, however, they have opted for the - equally heinous name - Mayomust, which sounds like some sort virulent yeast infection that might affect a man from the west.

Relive (One Of) England's (Many) Lowest Ebb(s):

The Nations League, contrary to what could've been imagined at the announcement of its conception, seems to actually be a roaring success. Who would've thought that a new international European football tournament, so convoluted in its structure that the casual fan needs an accompanying manual to explain it, and seemingly named after the failed predecessor to the UN, the League of Nations, could've turned into such a triumph. And yet, here we are.

Two surprisingly scintillating semi-finals that were played with genuine enthusiasm and there was whole-hearted and committed support shown by the attending fans. All this simply made it all the sweeter to see England utterly capitulate in extra-time to the Netherlands yesterday. They not just shot themselves in the foot, but stabbed, punched, shot again and pissed on that foot, in the most ludicrous of fashions by gifting the Dutch two astounding goals. They are each well worth watching again on repeat. Personally, I am looking into the feasibility of acquiring two digital photo frames that I can have prominently displayed in my home to show each of these calamitous mistakes on a loop indefinitely.

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