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The Rewind Recommends: 3 Things To Watch/Listen To Today

The Rewind Recommends: 3 Things To Watch/Listen To Today

Inside No 9 Season 4

... a new season of one of the BBC's best shows is now on Netflix

We've already waxed lyrical about the first three seasons of Inside No 9, and thankfully Netflix have blessed us with the fourth season of the dark comedy. From the same people who brought us The League of Gentlemen, each episode of Inside No 9 gives us an insight into a different group of people, with all the plot twists and turns expected of a Black Mirror script. Watch the trailer for the fourth season here:

Jar Jar Jr - Free Parking On Sundays

... the Cork producer brings his trademark lofi hip-hop to the fore


One of the best hip-hop producers in Ireland today, Jar Jar Jr returns with a six track EP. Free Parking On Sundays marks a change in tact for the producer, with the project acting as a soundtrack to a Sunday morning drive following a heavy night before. Each track, in Jar Jar's own words, 'documents the critical stages of thought that ensue'. Listen to the project below:

The Fish Cannon

... yes, a whole system engineered for fishes to get around dams

Yes, we're sure you've seen it over the course of the weekend, but we couldn't help but share it again. 'Whoosh' is a tube system which is designed to aid with fish migration to get to their spawning grounds. The operation is drastically over-engineered, but it does seem like a waterpark for fishes. We're looking forward to the whirlpool and jacuzzi extensions. Watch the video below:

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