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The First 5 Simpsons Episodes To Watch On Disney Plus

The First 5 Simpsons Episodes To Watch On Disney Plus

Disney Plus launches in Ireland today and we know we're all very excited about the full Disney catalogue being at our fingertips. The 1000 films, TV shows and original series all sounds great. But let's not sleep on the big story here. If you have Disney Plus, The Simpsons are finally available on demand.

While we all love the roulette of catching an episode of our favourite Springfieldian family on Sky One or Channel 4, hoping against hope to catch a classic from the first ten years, too often we are left shattered by the too perfect animation and overly pointed jokes of a "modern" episode. Now, all that's behind you. Any time you like, you can delve into an early season episode whenever you, and so you should.

Here's the first five episodes we'll be watching today (not necessarily the best, but the ones we're in the mood for right now):

1: Last Exit to Springfield - Season 4, Episode 17: 

Quite simply the perfect half hour of television. Every joke is a classic as Homer takes over the Powerplant's Union to save his dental plan (Lisa needs braces!).



2: Homer vs.the Eighteenth Amendment - Season 8, Episode 18

The Beer Baron Vs. Rex Banner. With prohibition in effect in Springfield after Bart gets drunk on St.Patrick's Day, Homer supplies hooch to Moe's (the best damn pet shop in town!), avoiding the watchful eye of Rex Banner.



3: Homie The Clown - Season 6, Episode 16

This episode has everything. The mob, Krusty, clown college!


4: The Wizard Of Evergreen Terrace - Season 10, Episode 2


Homer's new found obsession with Thomas Edison turns him into an aspiring inventor.


5: Homer's Enemy - Season 8, Episode 23

Frank Grimes, or Grimey as he liked to be called, joins the Powerplant and is seemingly the only one who can't put up with Homer's oafish ways. Seeing Homer trough an outsider's eyes for the first time produces one of the finest episodes of the series and one of the greatest one time characters.


And that's just five episodes off the top of our head. There are literally hundreds you could choose from that would do just as good a job. In fact, if we did the same article tomorrow, we might have five different epiodes entirely.

So, if you're on the Disney Plus train tomorrow, don't waste your time with your Mandalorians, and your Iron Mans, and your Ratatoulles. Rediscover your love from the Simpsons instead. You won't regret it!


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