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The Rewind Recommends: Tiny House Nation Is The Perfect Netflix Show To Binge

The Rewind Recommends: Tiny House Nation Is The Perfect Netflix Show To Binge

Tiny House Nation

... there's scaling down, then there's this

There oft comes a time when people think they need to scale down their living situation. This could be for a multitude of reasons, not least retirement, the kids growing up, mortgage repayments going through the roof. In 'Tiny House Nation', this assortment of rationale is on show, but the solutions are far smaller than the norm.

The series, all available on Netflix, provide novel approaches to scaling down. The duo at the heart of the show, John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin, manage to create living spaces in the smallest of places. The show is just perfect binging material. Furthermore, there's also a couple who have made a living through pig racing, which is brilliant. You can catch the trailer below:

Brendan Grace: Thanks For The Memories


... the first episode of the three-part series airs tonight on RTÉ One

In the months leading up to his passing, Brendan Grace invited the RTÉ cameras into his life as he organised a show at the Olympia Theatre. The comedian planned to perform alongside the Forget-Me-Nots choir, an inclusive project for people suffering with dementia and their friends and family.

Unfortunately, as Grace's health deteriorated, the documentary deviated from its original purpose. However, Grace's family were eager for the show to go on. You can watch the trailer for the documentary below:


You're Dead To Me Podcast

... from the creator of Horrible Histories comes a history podcast for people who don't like history

Greg Jenner has a history, pardon the pun, of creating history content that's accessible and entertaining. For children, 'Horrible Histories' represented a way to learn about history without having to sit through school textbooks. 'Horrible Histories' in literary, television, and film form made history cool.

Jenner seems to have hit the nail on the head again. This time, he's targeting adults with a new podcast. Jenner tells stories of historical figures, joined by a different comedian for each show. Plus, considering it's #InternationalPodcastDay, it seems only right that a podcast is recommended. You can listen to all of the previous 'You're Dead To Me' podcasts here.

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