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Twin Peaks Fans Are Going To Be Intrigued By A New Murder Documentary

Twin Peaks Fans Are Going To Be Intrigued By A New Murder Documentary

The murder which inspired Twin Peaks is going to be the subject of a new documentary and non-fiction book Blonde, Beautiful, and Dead: The Murder Mystery That Inspired Twin Peaks.

While Twin Peaks' Laura Palmer was a fictional character, her story was inspired by the real life 1908 murder of Hazel Drew in Sand Lake, New York. This week, Metabook Entertainment confirmed to that the true crime story will be made into book and documentary after being acquired by an imprint of Amazon Publishing.

Drew's death became nationwide news at the time and a scandal that carried on through the generations. The book will be written by David Bushman and Mark Givens, who said: "Although we both came to this story initially through our fascination with Twin Peaks, we have come to realize — in the years we have spent investigating the murder of Hazel Drew — that this is an incredibly gripping and scandalous murder mystery in its own right."

Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost - who first of Drew from his grandmother - will write the forward to the book, with quoting him as saying:

The first true crime story that captivated me as a kid, the Hazel Drew murder draws you into a nexus of power, money and sexual politics that feels utterly contemporary.


The documentary will directed by Benjamin Alfonsi, while the book is scheduled to be published in winter 2021. In the meantime, its co-author Mark Givens' podcast Deer Meadow Radio will keep Twin Peaks fans entertained.

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