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Watch: Aussie Cameraman Assaulted By US Police On Live TV, Prime Minister Demands Investigation

Watch: Aussie Cameraman Assaulted By US Police On Live TV, Prime Minister Demands Investigation

We reported over the weekend how police reaction to the protests and riots across American cities has been scarcely believable at times, especially in their indiscriminate use of violence, even against media members covering the unfolding news story.

Last night in Washington DC, possibly the most egregious and unprovoked attack yet was witnessed live on Australian television as a Cameraman for 7News was attacked by a federal police officer storming through a peaceful protest.

During a live report by 7NEWS US Correspondent Amelia Brace, police stormed through a protest line near the White House, and on their way through assaulted both her and cameraman Tim Myers. According to 7News, Myers was struck in the chest by a riot shield and Brace was clubbed with a police baton.


A shocked but composed Brace continued the report moments later;

You heard us yelling that we were media... but they don’t care. They are being indiscriminate at the moment. They chased us down that street, as you can see.

They were firing these rubber bullets at everyone, there is tear gas… we are really surrounded by police and you saw the way they dealt with my cameraman, Tim. They’re quite violent and they don’t care who they’re targeting at the moment.

The Seven Network in Australia were quick to condemn the attack on their reporters.

The attack on our reporter and cameraman in Washington today is nothing short of wanton thuggery.

They weren’t in anyone’s way just simply doing their job. To be belted with an armoured shield and then our reporter cop a truncheon in the back is abhorrent.

Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called for an investigation into the incident from the Australian Embassy in Washington.

The Mayor of Washington DC Muriel Bowser also tweeted in response to the police action in the city, calling it unprovoked.


Protests and riots continued across American cities last night. The escalation in police violence outside the White House came as Donald Trump left the residence to attend a church service and get a photo opportunity with his bible, while police and Secret Service officials reportedly used tear gas to clear clergy from the church grounds.


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