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Watch: Thin Lizzy's Last Irish Performance Ever On The Thunder & Lightening Tour

Watch: Thin Lizzy's Last Irish Performance Ever On The Thunder & Lightening Tour

This is one for discerning music lover.

Thin Lizzy, some fifty years after their formation, still hold a place in the hearts of music aficionados the world over.

None more so than in Ireland, where the band called home.

Well, we'll been trawling through the Internet archives, recalling a time when we could all join together in unison.

On our journey, we managed to find this absolute gem. 'Thin Lizzy - Thunder and Lightening Tour - Live from Dublin', an absolute classic.

The live performance starts with a short documentary on where the performance is placed in the history of the band and its frontman, Phil Lynott. Unfortunately, the English lad on narration duties continually butchers the pronunciation of Lynott's surname, but don't let it deter you from the video.

Talking heads include legendary artist Jim Fitzpatrick, rock journalist Dave Ling, and Smiley Bolger. They manage to fit a lot into the 3 minutes or so before the action kicks off, contextualising the band and what they meant and continue to mean to people.


But then, it's time. The final composition of the band, comprising of Lynott, drummer Brian Downey, guitarists Scott Gorham and John Sykes and keyboardist Darren Wharton, fly into their discography without a moment to spare.

There's some of the classics in there, 'Dancing in the Moonlight' and 'Whiskey in the Jar' amongst them.

All the while, it's amazing to think that it would be the last time Dublin's answer to rock 'n' roll royalty would play their home city.

You can watch the performance in its entirety below.

"Thunder n lightenin' in Dublin, wha'?"

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