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The Rewind Recommends: 5 Things You Should Watch/Read Today

The Rewind Recommends: 5 Things You Should Watch/Read Today

Today's edition of The Rewind Recommends features two articles, a movie, Lewis Capaldi doing Lewis Capaldi things, and what to watch after Line of Duty.

What to watch after Line of Duty:

If, like many, you're still recovering from the latest season of Line of Duty, we've got another BBC crime thriller for you to sink your teeth into. Informer was broadcast on the Beeb late last year before being made available on Amazon Prime at the start of 2019.

Like Line of Duty, the police are heavily involved but centres around Raza Shar, a young Londoner who is coerced into becoming a police informant for their counterterrorism division. Check out the trailer below.

What to watch in the cinema:


Booksmart is a really fun update of one of the greatest genres of cinema: the clunkily titled teenagers-on-the-defining-night-of-their-lives genre. Molly and Amy are two nerds determined to make their final night in high school fun and memorable. This film is definitely aimed at a woke audience, with an eye on including many of the people left out of teen movies over the years. It has tonnes of heart and lots of lolz, two things you don’t really find in the cinema anymore.

It's in Irish cinemas now and you can check out the trailer below:

What to watch online:

Ladies and gentlemen, Lewis Capaldi has done it again.


What to read online today:

I was in Aldi last week looking at bicycle locks, frying pans and lamps for camping tents. I don’t need any of those items but it’s amazing what surprises a supermarket can come up with from one week to the next.

Michael Harding's weekly column in the Irish Times is always worth a read on Wednesdays (or any other day, for that matter), and today's is no different. The Cavan writer reminds us of two things in his piece today: we should look after our mothers, and always beware of the short queue in Aldi.

Read it here:


The player who isn’t talking to reporters might do a video interview for the club’s website—meaning that even when Roy Keane incinerated his own Manchester United team, the deed was done in-house.'s in-depth feature piece, titled '"The Bane of My Existence”: U.K. Sportswriting’s Access Crisis' had everyone on the sports desk screaming 'Preach!' but this is an article that those outside of the sports media profession may even find more interesting.

As journalists, it's a tale we know all-too-well but if you ever wondered how the mechanics of sports journalism operate, and the ridiculous politics that determine what you will and will not be able to read in the media today, then this is a must-read.

Read it here.

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