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Work Video Calls Seem To Be Having A Weird Effect On Clothes Sales

Work Video Calls Seem To Be Having A Weird Effect On Clothes Sales

Business upstairs, comfort downstairs.

If there is one thing we can all take away from this self-isolation it's that there is really no need for us to ever go back to jeans or trousers again. Working from home can bring with it plenty of difficulties but one of its few boons is the fact that we can work while dressed in our finest loungewear.

While spending the entire day in your pajamas is probably not the best idea, who the hell is going to know!?

The only time that this becomes an issue is when you have to jump a work related video call. On goes the shirt, just in time to make it look like you've been dressed that way since 9am. However, the clever among us realise that for those calls all that matters is your top half so why bother with the bottom half?

In the States, at least, that ethos seems to be the new normal, with Walmart's executive vice president for corporate affairs Dan Bartlett telling media that sales of tops have increased in recent weeks but sales of bottoms have not followed the same trajectory.

Speaking to Yahoo Finance, Bartlett remarked "In one of the previous segments you were talking about people using Zoom and those types of conferencing. We're seeing increased sales in tops but not bottoms, so people are concerned [about] from the waist up."

This is one of a number of interesting trends he outlined in the interview, in a market that is rapidly changing. Sales of food at Walmart rose rapidly but have begun to level off as people's fears over food shortages were eased. DVDs, craft products and other 'home entertainment' items have also seen massive rises in popularity.


Bartlet points out: "These behaviours are going to change and evolve as people get accustomed to this new lifestyle."

If anyone has been brave enough to rock a short and tie with a pair of GAA shorts then let us know!

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