How Circle K's Cash For Clubs Programme Is Making A Massive Difference For Irish Clubs

How Circle K's Cash For Clubs Programme Is Making A Massive Difference For Irish Clubs

There's not a club in Ireland that couldn't find some use for an extra €10,000. Think of the difference that sum could make in terms of upgrading facilities, buying new equipment or covering travel costs. €10,000 would have a massive impact for so many sports clubs in Ireland.

Circle K's Cash For Clubs campaign is back again this summer, and is running until 19 August. If you haven't heard of it, this is your way to help your club win €10,000 just by shopping at Circle K.

Here's an insight into what the Cash For Clubs can do for Irish clubs. Last year's grand prize winner was Bray Hockey Club. Here's Ruth from Bray HC discussing what the cash has meant for her club.

As members of the club wrote in a jubilant Facebook post after they won the prize last year: "These much-needed funds will go towards our development plans and focus on creating more opportunities for more people to play, umpire and coach hockey in Bray HC."


Bray Hockey Club were just one of 22 clubs in Ireland who benefited from the scheme last year. In fact, since Cash For Clubs was launched in 2015, over €400,000 has been distributed to sports clubs across Ireland because of Cash For Clubs.

Of course, your club doesn't need to be solely linked to sport. If your club specialises in language, food or dance, it is also eligible to enter.

The first thing you need to do support your local club via Cash For Clubs is make sure your club in enrolled in the programme. This article explains everything you need to do to participate. You can also track the live leaderboard which explains how close clubs are to reaching the all-important 50 tokens.

The impact that sports clubs have on Irish society is impossible to quantify. Thanks to Cash For Clubs, the money you spend at Circle K could end up supporting your local club.

Paul McGoldrick