Evidence That The Rock Has Not Won Movember.

Evidence That The Rock Has Not Won Movember.

Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock tweeted this photo of himself yesterday. He looks Father Jack's stage 12 hairy hands have been photoshopped onto his face.

There was much gushing about the magnificence of his Movember effort without anyone really digging to find out the truth. It would appear that the tache is in fact a fake.

Back around Halloween when he tweeted this picture of himself as the Hulk he appears pretty clean shaven as per Movember regulations. Just a week ago he tweeted a picture of himself on the set of 'Fast 6' with his stunt team donning some pretty average facial hair. The same average facial hair was evident just four days ago.


Then yesterday he tweeted the picture everyone was talking about. The hair is clearly fake as the following day he again tweeted a picture of himself with regular facial hair.

Breath again Mo Bros.

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