Gary Neville's Hotels To House Medical Workers Fighting Coronavirus

Gary Neville's Hotels To House Medical Workers Fighting Coronavirus

From a distance, it seems like the governing class of the UK is experiencing a kind of collective meltdown in the face of the coronavirus. Their approach to the crisis has been quite different from that of the rest of Europe, and their incoherent policy, confusing messaging and cavalier attitude towards the health of their citizens gives one the impression that the Boris Johnson are seeking out catastrophe.

But there are some brilliant acts of generosity coming from the UK as well. Hats off to Gary Neville, who this evening announced his two Manchester hotels - The Football Hotel and the Stock Exchange - will be closed in the coming days. However he said none of the staff of either hotel would be made redundant. He also added that from Friday, the 176 beds in these hotels would be given over to frontline medical staff working in Manchester to fight the coronavirus.

Neville said the following:

“It’s at this time that I think the whole of our industry needs to show solidarity, not just for our staff in these uncertain times but obviously for those who need the accommodation most in the coming months.

“It’s something we’re delighted to have come into agreement with. It will operate free of charge and our staff will operate the hotels as normal.


Watch the whole announcement below. It's an act of decency we hope his government can learn form

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