Jim Beglin Eviscerates Alberto Moreno With A Single Soundbite

Jim Beglin Eviscerates Alberto Moreno With A Single Soundbite

Fans of Liverpool are doing a lot of soul-searching tonight. A match against Sevilla that seemed to suggest a new counterattacking death eagle was about to be unleashed on European football ended familiarly, which is to say disappointingly. Liverpool drew Sevilla 2-2 and by the end looked ragged and perhaps happy to take the draw.

After enduring full-on emotional tumult last season watching their team piss away and reclaim their Champions League position week after week, Liverpool fans find their manager treating the competition with flagrant disdain. If Jurgen Klopp took the Champions League seriously, surely he wouldn't be starting Alberto Moreno on Big European Nights.

But, for the first half at least, Moreno was one of Liverpool's best players. He rampaged forward, set up Firmino's goal and should have scored before halftime.

Moreno is not a good defender however, which is a pity, because he's paid to be a defender, and Liverpool is desperate for good defenders. He's rash with a challenge and plays mostly out of position. After many of his limitations as a defender were exposed again in the second half tonight, Jim Beglin summed up the problem with Moreno in a single searing soundbite on RTE.



It was one that spoke volumes, and will resonate with Liverpool fans jaded by the woeful defending that remains the overriding theme of Klopp era. Beglin knows a thing or two about Big European Nights. He knows a thing or two about playing left back at Anfield. As long as football insists on handing three points out to the team who scores more goals than the opposition, Beglin's way will be the preferred way.

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