A Tribute To The Roy Keane/Martin O'Neill Bromance

A Tribute To The Roy Keane/Martin O'Neill Bromance

In this Valentine's season, we here at Balls.ie will be breaking down some of the great love stories in Irish sport, the beautiful bromances that make us all weak at the knees and in desperate need of the next installment of the storyline.

What better way to start than the most unlikely relationship of our time - that of Republic of Ireland manager Martin O'Neill and his lovely assistant Roy Keane. We were flabbergasted and confused when they were announced as the new partnership to save Irish football back in 2013, and since then, that partnership have evolved into a wonderful friendship, one which has captured the hearts of the Irish public.

We all remember their first, magical public appearance together back in 2013.

Remarkably, it has been confirmed this was the first time Roy ever cracked a smile on a TV broadcast hosted by Adrian Chiles.


From there, we watched their relationship flourish right before our eyes.

The first fight:

Making up: 

The Shared Elation: 

Reliving Precious Memories:

The long evening walks:

The First Kiss... Almost: 

So beautiful.

We doubt it's possible, but if you have a love as deep as Martin and Roy's, then firstly, you're a very lucky person. Secondly, if you want to share that love this Valentine's Day but can't find the words, then we think you'll find Lidl Romeo Love Note Generator handy.

It's incredibly easy. Just go to lidlromeo.ie and answer a few simple questions, and let the generator do all the work for you in seconds.

Imagine if Martin O'Neill, for example, couldn't find the right words for Roy this Valentine's. Then the Love Note Generator would be the answer to all his prayers.

Dear Roy, 

Far be it for me to express those things you call human emotions but here goes. From the moment you walked into my life, back in 2013, you've taken ownership of my heart. I didn't know I was capable of feeling what I'd only seen in movies and I know you'll probably roll your eyes, or think I'm a sap for writing this down, but today, on Valentine's Day, I had to tell you: 

To me, you are everything. 

You're the last chocolate covered biscuit in the pack. 

The first sip of an ice-cold brew on a hot summer's day. 

I love that when nobody's around, we're our weirdest selves together. 

I love that you're always freezing, even we went to Lyon. 

I love it when you complain about pitches being like car parks and even when you complain about mobile phones going off in press conferences. 

I love that you go crazy for no-nonsense defending. 

And I love that you give out to me for jumping higher than you when we score a goal. 

I could quarrel with you all day long, if it means having you by my side. 

Happy Valentine's Day

A true ode to a beautiful relationship, we think you'll agree. Try one for your own loved one this Valentine's Day. If you're as bad as us at the romantic gestures, we think you may need it.


Balls Team