Neville Predicts Big Changes At United After 'Dismal' West Brom Defeat

Neville Predicts Big Changes At United After 'Dismal' West Brom Defeat

Manchester United handed the Premier League title to crosstown rivals Manchester City on Sunday, losing 1-0 to West Brom at Old Trafford after staving off City's title celebrations by beating them the weekend previous.

Monday Night Football pundit Gary Neville was speaking about his former sides performance on Sky Sports and criticised the Red Devils loss to the Premier League's bottom side:

It was dismal, it was a dismal day. I suppose in some ways Manchester United stopped what would be this nightmare scenario last week of City winning the game at the Etihad in front of United’s fans obviously in that far end. But it was an appalling performance.

The former United full-back stated that the team have got to ride themselves of performances like that of West Brom, arguing that the Portugese may have to get rid of the players that are causing United's inconsistency:

The start of the season was Jose Mourinho trying to rid themselves of these kind of performances against lesser teams. Jose Mourinho referred to lack of urgency, lack of consistency before the game. He’s got to rid this team of that. And that sometimes mean changing the way players believe or identifying the players who are causing that problem. They need to go and he needs to replace them.

Neville didn't predict a large number of outgoings & incomings in the summer but did say that he thinks there will be 'three or four leaving' and 'three or four coming out', stating Mourinho's defence needs work:


The defence needs reshaping. He’s got to make that gap up and that’s a big gap. Jose Mourinho has built a reputation on attitude.

His teams have always been resilient, tough to beat. You should never be questioning a Jose Mourinho’s team’s attitude. Consistency is about mentality. It’s about coming back each week and producing the same standards you produced the previous week. These players have fallen well below that.



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