#SDskillset Football Part 2: The Crossbar Challenge

#SDskillset Football Part 2: The Crossbar Challenge

Welcome back to the #SDskillset football  challenge. In Episode 1, Monaghan's Conor McManus, Galway captain Damien Comer and Kerry's Paul Geaney went head-to-head testing their freetaking abilities. Damien Comer won that challenge, but just barely.

In the second installment of #SDSkillset, the three forwards take one of the trickiest shots in football - the crossbar challenge. Each player is given six shots to hit the crossbar. They'll get five points if they hit the crossbar. But there's another strategic wrinkle: they'll get one point for getting the point over the bar, but no points for going under the bar.

Watch the video below to see how three of the best footballers in Ireland fare with the #SDskillset crossbar challenge.


Paul McGoldrick