3 Sports Documentaries For You To Watch This Week

3 Sports Documentaries For You To Watch This Week

Fighting kids, the 1964 Packers and Manchester City all feature

E:60 Children Of The Ring

ESPN film about Thai children as young as seven learning to fight in the martial art of Muay Thai with no headgear and no body padding, in arenas controlled by organized crime and gambling syndicates.


Vince Lombardi: Run To Daylight

A 1964 made-for-television film based on a book by Vince Lombardi and WC Heinz. The documentary takes a behind-the-scenes look at Lombardi's famed Green Bay Packers team during their training camp for the 1964 NFL season.



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City! A Club In Crisis

While Manchester United are currently the club being talked about as being in crisis, in the 1980/81 season it was their cross-city rivals, Manchester City. This documentary gives an inside look at the struggling club, including Malcolm Allison's sacking, to be replaced by John Bond.

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