What You'll Learn On The Defence Forces Physical Training Instructors Course

What You'll Learn On The Defence Forces Physical Training Instructors Course

Ireland's Defence Forces provide you with the physical and mental tools to handle any situation in life.

Enrolling with the Defence Forces does not merely position you for a life in the military however. After achieving military fitness, you can also receive certification as a physical training instructor as part of a challenging and rewarding course.

It’s called the Physical Training Instructors (PTI) Course and is run in the Defence Forces Physical Education School in the Curragh, Co. Kildare. The purpose of a PTI course, however, is not to see if you can make an appearance on Ninja Warriors but to see if you can withstand the robust demands of military service.


The course puts forth a multi-dimensional examination of your physical capabilities; not only will participants partake in long distance running, but there’s also loaded marches, water confidence training, weight lifting, circuit training and, most memorably, obstacle courses. It’s comprehensive, enticing challenge and punishing test for the body. Physical fitness is not something you will be lacking by the end of it, but it’s not the only thing you’ll gain either.

As the Defence Forces Physical Education School is linked with the University of Limerick, the students will have a qualification that can be used in real life, outside of the Defence Forces. Completing the course will enable you, the PTI, to master a whole range of training methods which can be used in physical sessions.

The PTI course isn’t a fun television game show, but once you’ve completed it, the likes of Ninja Warriors should be no sweat for you.

The Irish Defence Forces are now accepting applications for Army and Naval Service Recruits and Air Corps Apprentice Technicians. You can apply here.

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