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Ireland's Becky Lynch Sets Up Huge Opportunity After Royal Rumble Win

Ireland's Becky Lynch Sets Up Huge Opportunity After Royal Rumble Win

Becky Lynch won the 2019 Women's Royal Rumble at Chase Field in Arizona on Sunday night.

She now gets to face an opponent of her choice at Wrestlemania. That could be in the main event against Ronda Rousey.

The Limerick woman only entered the Rumble after Lana, who was scheduled to be the 28th wrestler to step into the ring, was unable to compete due to an ankle injury.

After Lana collapsed, Lynch successfully argued with Fit Finlay that she should be allowed take her place in the 30-woman event. Earlier in the evening, Lynch had lost a championship match by submission to Asuka.

The Rumble - which sees competitors eliminated by being thrown over the top rope and their feet touching the ground - came down to a final three of Lynch, Nia Jax and Charlotte Flair.


Lynch eliminated Nia Jax when she pulled her foot from under her after Flair had lifted Jax out of the ring.

becky lynch wins royal rumble

After enduring an attack from the eliminated Jax, Lynch flipped Flair over the top rope and then knocked her to the floor.

becky lynch wins royal rumble

"It's the biggest night of my life," Lynch told ESPN.

"What this means going forward is not wasted on me for a single second. The responsibility that it means.


"Believe it when I say it, I am main-eventing Wrestlemania. I'm going to be the first woman to main-event Wrestlemania. That's happening, that's happening in April.

"It all started here tonight in front of 50,000 people screaming my name and millions of people around the world edging me on and oh my God that means the world to me. If I could go out now and hug every single one of them, I would.

"I feel pretty spent but if you needed me to go out there and slap some heads of people, I would do it again. I was so unbelievably disappointed with the outcome of the match earlier in the night - I thought that was the end of the road for me. I will overcome anything to achieve my dreams."

This was the moment she won the Rumble.

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