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CM Punk Made His Return To Wrestling And It Didn't Disappoint

CM Punk Made His Return To Wrestling And It Didn't Disappoint


26th January 2014. That was the last time CM Punk wrestled. He already had a hall of fame worthy career as a 6-time world champion and garnered one of the biggest cult followings pro wrestling has ever seen. Punk left WWE under a cloud of mystery the night after his last match, eventually being fired in June 2014. After 7 years of lawsuits, a short MMA career and rumoured returns, CM Punk made his return to wrestling and it didn't disappoint.

In what was the worst kept secret all summer Punk made his return to wrestling on August 20th in Chicago for AEW. It was in Chicago again where he had his first match in over 7 years against Darby Allin at AEW All Out last Sunday.

During Punk's return, he singled out former TNT champion Darby Allin (the protégé of Sting) as the man he wanted his first match back with. Allin only started wrestling a year after Punk's last match and has rose up the ranks quickly. He has become a fan favourite and a star for AEW since its founding in 2019.

The hype for Punk's return has been years in the making and it didn't disappoint. Fans were in awe that they were actually seeing Punk wrestle, as many thought it would never happen again.


The match went back and forth with Allin doing his trademark high flying and hard hitting offence. Punk looked like he hadn't missed a beat since his days as world champion. Punk wrestled a more grounded style, implementing his MMA skills he learned since leaving WWE.

The action between Allin and Punk picked up in speed and intensity. Late in the match, during a quick exchange Punk caught Allin out of the air and hit him with the GTS for the victory. Sting came into the ring to shake Punk's hand and the two legends helped Allin get to the back.


On the night where CM Punk made his return to wrestling, we also saw the debuts of Bryan Danielson (known as Daniel Bryan in WWE) and Adam Cole. With some other major departures from WWE since the start of the pandemic there looks to be major competition for WWE for the first time since WCW in the 90's.

Adam Cole, who primarily featured on NXT left WWE last week after his contract expired. Danielson left WWE in May this year just one month after being in the main event of Wrestlemania. Rumours followed for months after his departure and he eventually chose to sign with AEW. He made his debut after the main event of All Out, coming out to save Christian Cage from The Elite.

AEW have really shone since the pandemic began, providing an exciting alternative to the water-downed PG WWE product. Now more than ever they have the opportunity to overtake WWE as the most popular wrestling product on television. With some of WWE's former stars along with a plethora of young talent, AEW can go straight to the top.

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