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WATCH: Blind American Footballer Makes Debut In Massive College Game

WATCH: Blind American Footballer Makes Debut In Massive College Game

Last weekend saw the beginning of the college football season in America. And for all of the huge games that took place, one moment stood out above all others.

The University of Southern California are one of the powerhouses of the PAC-12 conference and during their win over Western Michigan University, they featured a player by the name of Jake Olson who has been blind since he was 12-years-old.

Olson came on and played as a long-snapper on a successful point-after attempt. It's a remarkable story as Olson suffered severe vision limitations since he was a toddler, when he was diagnosed with retinoblastoma. This is a form of cancer that initially caused him to lose an eye when he was 10.

And things were only to get worse as he got older, as the disease also caused him to lose his other eye when he was 12.


However, in an amazing display of fortitude, he has not let that unfortunate set of circumstances deter him from following his sporting dreams (we say dreams and not dream because he also has a career-best score of 78 in golf too).

American football has been his primary sport for the last few years and he achieved a fantastic achievement in itself of becoming a member of an elite college team in 2015.

Prior to Saturday, he had played in high school games as well as exhibition matches for USC, but this was his first action in a competitive college game.

In a real feel-good moment, the snap was perfect and the kick was good as it helped the Trojans on their way to a 49-31 win.

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