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Tom Brady Has Picked His New Team... And It's A Weird Fucking Choice

Tom Brady Has Picked His New Team... And It's A Weird Fucking Choice

Even though it's been coming for a long time, Tom Brady still shocked the world yesterday when he posted a farewell to the New England Patriots on his social media accounts. We expected an announcement on his next destination to follow soon after, but while the Chargers, Raiders, 49ers, and even the Dallas Cowboys were being bandied about, the NFL world were in for a second shock of the day when it was reported that Brady had chosen... the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Bucs, long established as one of the least fashionable franchises in the NFL. Though they won a Super Bowl in the 2002 season, their history has been otherwise mediocre. Even in their state of Florida, they compete with the Jacksonville Jaguars for the second most relevant pro team behind the Miami Dolphins, and even fall behind several college teams in the state. Their red, orange and grey uniforms are also among the least popular in the league.

EA Sports have already done up a mock putting Brady in a Bucs uniform on Madden, which looks incredibly strange.


Since 2010, Tampa have had one winning season, and haven't even made the NFL Playoffs since 2007. Last season, they finished at 7-9.

Why then has Brady chosen to take his talents to Florida?

Ian Rappaport of announced the deal, made in principle, and he says that staying on the east coast of the US was a massive factor for Brady, who's young family have grown up in New England.

It's also a very good deal. For a 43-year-old quarterback, a $30 million a year deal is pretty sweet, especially as there's no state income tax in Florida.


After years of playing in the cold of the Boston area, the weather in Tampa might also be factor.

Head coach Bruce Arians is also a quarterback friendly coach and with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, they have among the best receiving corps in the NFL, so there are plenty of weapons for Brady, something he hasn't had at the Patriots in a while, especially since Rob Gronkowski retired last year.

Even so, so much of it seems like a strange move. For Brady to leave the Patriots after 20 years, the Bucs feels like a major step down. Joining his hometown team in the 49ers, attempting to bring relevance to an LA franchise in the Chargers, or launch football in Las Vegas with the Raiders all appeared to be legacy defining decisions that might lure the six time Super Bowl winner away from New England.

Tampa Bay do not appear to be in that category. But maybe that's the real genius. The Patriots were far from the sexiest team in the NFL when he took over as quarterback in 2001. If Tom Brady can bring another franchise from obscurity, then it's just another notch on the legacy.


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