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Unexpected Twist In Colin Kaepernick Saga

Unexpected Twist In Colin Kaepernick Saga

It's been nearly four years since Colin Kaepernick, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, has played a game of American football. Back in the 2016 season, Kaepernick became a global sporting icon when he decided to kneel during the American national anthem to protest racial discrimination in the United States. Kaepernick's protest was deeply controversial in America and he has been curiously unemployed after making his stance despite a clear shortage of talented quarterbacks in the NFL.

Kaepernick has said repeatedly over past three years that he is ready and waiting to make a return to the NFL, if only he'd be given a chance. Unfortunately it seemed like there was no team willing to employ him.

Last night, the NFL confirmed it will hold a private workout for Kaepernick this Saturday evening in Atlanta. The workout will be open to all 32 NFL franchises.  In theory, it could open the door to Kaepernick's return to the NFL.

Kaepernick confirmed on Twitter that he will attend the workout and that he is in shape.


Kaepernick is 32 and hasn't played a snap of football in three years, so the odds do seem stacked against him here. However, there is a noticeable shortage of quarterback talent in the NFL at the moment, as recent injuries to QB's Ben Roethlisberger, Cam Newton and Matthew Stafford have exposed.

Interestingly, US soccer player/activist Megan Rapinoe gave Kaepernick a special mention  to Kaep when she accepted the award of Woman Of The Year last night from Glamour maganise last night.

Kaepernick and former teammate and anthem protestor Eric Reid settled a grievance against the NFL last February.

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