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Watch: Irishman Scores Absolute Rocket In American Collegiate Football

Watch: Irishman Scores Absolute Rocket In American Collegiate Football

For as long as we can remember, the goal for young Irish footballers has been to go and play professionally in England. It is the route that so many have taken, but the landscape of modern football means our youngsters now often look to other routes.

Staying in Ireland for a longer period of time is now seen as a viable option by man, while some want up and coming players to move to the continent to improve as players. One Irishman is taking an altogether different journey.

Aaron Molloy has been playing football at the college level in America since 2016, first joining Keiser University in Florida. He would soon move to Penn State, who boast one of the most prestigious football programmes in the country.

He now captains the team, and had seven goals and two assists to his name this season heading into last night's clash with Appalachian State University, where he would pull an absolute corker out of the bag. Look at this for a strike.


This angle is even better.

Not bad. Molly is in his senior year, meaning this will be his final season at Penn State. Hopefully he can add another couple of strikes such as this one to his collection before he moves on.

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