Former World Champion Andy Lee Announces His Retirement From Boxing

Former WBO middleweight world champion Andy Lee has announced his retirement from boxing.

Over 39 fights Lee had a superb record of 35 wins, 24 KOs, three losses and one draw. Prior to that Lee had a superb amateur career 2002 World Junior Championships, the EU Amateur Championships and the 2004 Olympics.

In 2015, Lee became the first man from Ireland to win a world title on American soil since 1934 when he beat then undefeated former 2008 Russian Olympian, Matt Korobov.

Lee made the announcement on Off the Ball tonight.

In recent years, Lee has turned to coaching as he worked with childhood friend Eric Donovan. Speaking to recently, Donovan confirmed Lee's exposure to world-class trainers has ensured he is a talented trainer.


Andy has been out there with Emanuel Steward and Adam Booth, who go way back and are involved in the game for years, especially Emanuel. You can imagine the wisdom and knowledge that he passed onto Andy. I can take some of that from him, absorb it and use it, it’s class.

Speaking tonight on Off the Ball, Lee said:

I have responsibilities now as a father. To leave my wife and daughter, it would take a big fight to get me to do that and go through all that training.

I took a decision to take some time off, obviously, then we had a baby that has been the best thing and that's my priority right now.

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