Cameraman Faces Usain Bolt For The First Time After Tripping Him

Cameraman Faces Usain Bolt For The First Time After Tripping Him

The athletics world took a break from talking about the good vs evil narrative that has been concocted between Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin as the pair went head to head in the 100m and 200m final. This was because for a brief moment, the watching world held a collective breathe as almost in slow motion - a rogue segway lost control and downed the 100m and 200m champion.

Bolt was able to laugh about it afterwards, and even found time to joke about the Gatlin narrative with it. Gatlin to his credit, produced a spectacular response - but through the whole incident, no one wondered what happened to the unfortunate cameraman involved.

Well Song Tao, who works for the host broadcaster CCTV was able to give the Jamaican a present during the 200m medal ceremony. The cameraman was presented to the crowd at the ceremony, and faced Bolt before giving him a bracelet and shaking his hand. Tao was back on film duty right afterward.

Bolt and Gatlin part 3 will be on Saturday for the 4 x 100m gets underway.


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Picture credit: Stephen McCarthy / SPORTSFILE

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