Mayweather Claims Shock Pacquiao Rematch Set To Take Place Later This Year

Mayweather Claims Shock Pacquiao Rematch Set To Take Place Later This Year

Floyd Mayweather has revealed that he plans to fight Manny Pacquiao later this year, saying that he has 'another nine figure payday on the way'.

The undefeated boxer posted a video on his Instagram page, which shows the two fighters speaking at a music festival in Tokyo.

While it is difficult to hear exactly what the two are saying, it appears Pacquiao tells Mayweather "I have the belt," to which the American replies "I'm going to take it from you like I did before."

The pair faced off for the first time in May 2015, a fight that largely disappointed boxing fans. It was a somewhat dull affair, with many left feeling that their long-anticipated meeting failed to meet its lofty expectations.

A fight between the two had been mooted for a number of years, and there was a sense of regret that it did not come to fruition before both men were past their primes.

Despite this, it was a lucrative venture for all involved. Mayweather is rumoured to have made $220 million from the fight. It was also the most purchased pay-per-view fight of all time.


Mayweather is regarded by many as the greatest pound-for-pound fighter of all time. He currently has 50-0 record, with his last victory coming in the infamous matchup with Conor McGregor in August 2017. He claimed at the time he had no intention to step foot in a ring again, however he has previously returned to boxing after supposedly retiring.

Pacquiao last fought in July of this year, with a win against Lucas Matthysse. That bout saw him achieve his first knockout victory since 2009, reclaiming the welterweight title in the process. He also called out Mayweather after the fight.

It is not yet known when this fight may take place, but it has been speculated that Mayweather is aiming for a December meeting between the pair.

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