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Want To Train With Pro Muay Thai Kickboxers? Now You Can In Parks Around South Dublin

Want To Train With Pro Muay Thai Kickboxers? Now You Can In Parks Around South Dublin

If you're looking to spice up your exercise routine with something a little more out of the ordinary in terms of location as well as content, Combat Training Dublin may have the answer you've been looking for.

CTD are bringing Muay Thai style training to the masses with trainers who have all fought professionally in what is known as the 'Art of Eight Limbs'.

What makes the course stand out even more is that it takes place outdoors in both Bushy Park and Herbert Park. Classes are held five times a week with four of those being on weekday evenings and the other one on Saturday morning.

The classes are designed to accommodate all levels of fitness with a mixture of cardio and combat drills incorporated into it. At its core, Combat Training Dublin is built around sparring with creator Clodagh O'Hagan describing the high she gets off it as 'the ultimate adrenaline buzz.  Regardless of what level you are, total beginner or budding McGregor, you feel really powerful after a class as you’ve pushed your body to the max.'

So if you're looking to shake up your exercise routine from training by yourself in a standard gym, sparring in the great outdoors in a friendly group setting is about as far removed as you can get.

O'Hagan is a marketing professional whose love for Muay Thai kickboxing was sparked by a trip to Thailand. She has since brought what was a dream to a reality.


Classes are taught by fighters with professional experience like Nate Enright, who comes from a Muay Thai background and trains with former UFC star Paddy Holohan, and so he has a wealth of knowledge to share on the sport and its training methods.

But don't worry about showing up to work with a black eye as there is no contact sparring. It all revolves around punching and kicking pads.

The training will, however, improve your conditioning a huge amount as testimony from current members on their Facebook page demonstrates.

Payment options are flexible, you can pay for a block of classes for €80 which can be used in any of the parks over the 8 weeks from the date of purchase, or just go when you can for a drop-in rate of €15.

So leave the gym behind and have your own Rocky IV montage of getting fitter than ever through top level drills in a fresh air setting!


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