'I'm Pissed Off' - Bob Bradley Goes On Radio To Defend Himself After Swansea Sacking

'I'm Pissed Off' - Bob Bradley Goes On Radio To Defend Himself After Swansea Sacking

Bob Bradley rocked up to the Premier League 86 days ago stressing that he is no frontiersman for Americans in English football, stressing that he is his own man. Today, he is singularly unemployed, following a largely disastrous eleven game tenure. Elements of English football seemed oddly uneasy about an American managing in the Premier League, and Sky Sports News even ran a couple of clips pointing out the 'Americanisms' Bradley was criticised for using in post-match interviews.

The idea that Bradley's sacking is bad for all U.S. coaches was superbly skewered in this tweet:

Bradley went on TalkSPORT with Jim White - Sky's over-zealous transfer window man - to admirably front up, although he did say that Swansea had made the wrong decision. White introduced him in his own, far-from-modest way, saying that he had been texting Bradley last night, before ending the conversation by repeating what good mates they were. (Despite the fact they've never met). Here's the first thing Bradley had to say:

I’m a little bit pissed off this morning.

I don’t think it’s the correct decision.

I believe in my work and I certainly knew that I was going into a difficult situation and I also understand that when you go in the clock’s already ticking, so it’s not like you’re expecting all sorts of time.

The discussions we had always included the work that needed to be done in January - we had talked about players.

I’m frustrated because I feel like every place I’ve been, I’ve been able to put my stamp on the team in terms of the mentality and the tactics.

Bradley did the usual schtick of saying that he was not making any excuses for himself while all the while making a few excuses for himself, namely that the players weren't good enough.



In the whole time that I’ve been here I have never made excuses, I’ve never thrown a player under the bus - I’ve taken responsibility because I believe that’s how you lead...

...I hope they will stay up, but I think there needs to be improvements in the squad in January - I said that when I arrived and I still think that’s the case.

I think the discussions [with the board over transfers] were going in a good direction.

I think that [new US owners] Jason [Levien] and Steve [Kaplan] understand that the team needs to be improved and that means spending money in January to make it happen.

You can listen to the full interview back here.

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