Cillian Sheridan's Amateur Detective Work Has Put Coleen Rooney to Shame

Cillian Sheridan's Amateur Detective Work Has Put Coleen Rooney to Shame

Cillian Sheridan has a running joke on Twitter and we are big fans of it here at Balls HQ.

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, the Cavan native goes basically goes on Twitter during a match and tweets out a fake story about somebody involved in the game. He then hopes that people start to call him out for 'fake news', or even better that the story is taken as fact.

Sounds a bit stupid, but it's hilarious. Here's a few of examples:


All nonsense, of course.

It's pretty funny when people don't pick up on the joke and some of his tweets have actually been run as news on various sites.

His tweet about the Spurs ballboy on Tuesday night brought things to a new level and also brought out Sheridan's inner Coleen Rooney.

The Ironi Kiryat Shmona striker claimed that the ballboy who helped Spurs to score in their game Olympiacos was actually the 15-year old son of recently departed manager Mauricio Pochettino, which was of course not true.


The tweet was picked up by various people who took it to be fact, and even resulted in an article on The Celtic Star laughing at the people who thought it was true and questioned why the player even bothers with this charade.

However, Sheridan soon discovered that the same writer who was joking about people believing this story had actually previously been fooled himself when wrote an article on another site about a tweet the player had sent about Virgil van Dijk. Top quality detective work.

Coleen Rooney eat your heart out.

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