David Meyler's Featured Squad on FIFA 18 Squad Battles Is Simply A Sight To Behold

David Meyler's Featured Squad on FIFA 18 Squad Battles Is Simply A Sight To Behold

FIFA Ultimate Team has forgone many changes since its inception in 2009. Over the last couple of years, EA have added extremely cool and fun game modes to the game, like Squad Building Challenges, Daily Objectives and FUT Champions.

In FIFA 18, EA's newest game mode is called Squad Battles. Squad Battles is a twist on FUT Champions, instead of playing other gamers, you compete against the computer.

However once a week EA select a featured squad for players to challenge. In this week's featured side is Ireland's very own, David Meyler, and top 100 FIFA player.

The Hull City midfielder shared his side for you to challenge this week and it look's incredibly tasty,

The single biggest disappointment from his team is that he forgot to put in Darren Randolph. Somebody needs to have word. However, Newcastle's Ciaran Clark and Seamus Coleman make up the Irish representation.

Meyler's midfield is a dream. Professional footballers receive their own special Ultimate Team card if they play the game and his slots in beautifully, between Patrick Vieira who has the pace and strength to destroy anyone who crosses his path, and Ruud Gullit, who is arguably the best player in the game - a mountain in midfield. His hair is almost bigger than his head.


To top things off, he probably has the greatest front three modern football has ever seen. Cristiano Ronaldo on the left, Lionel Messi on the right, and Ronaldo in the middle is the stuff of dreams.

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