Eamon Dunphy Recounts Going To Strip Club With George Best On Eve Of FA Cup Final

Eamon Dunphy Recounts Going To Strip Club With George Best On Eve Of FA Cup Final

The name of Eamon Dunphy's latest offering from his 'The Stand' podcast series is entitled 'The sad death of a great English occasion', and around three minutes into it Dunphy regales listeners with a story of when he and George best got kicked out of a strip club on the eve of Manchester United's FA Cup final with Leicester in 1963.

I hope that is the occasion which the former United player is referencing.

Without much prompting Dunphy recounted the incident to John Giles, revealing for the first time their shenanigans before United were set to face Leicester at Wembley:

United took all the staff and everybody to the cup final when they got there, including the groundsmen the cleaning ladies and us young lads. I was just signed and George Best was one of my pals at the time and the night before the match, I want to reveal now for the first time that we went to Soho, myself and George and John Fitzpatrick and a few other lads and we were looking to try to get into a strip club!

And they didn't think we were old enough, but eventually when we waved our five pound notes at them, they let us in.

But we didn't make much of an impact in there and we were turfed out when we refused to pay £50 for a bottle of Champagne. You (John Giles) were tucked up in bed that night!


You doubt that Premier League footballers today would not baulk at that price for a bit of bubbly, but I suppose with the paparazzi that they have to contend with nowadays expensive champers was a small price to pay for not having your face plastered across the tabloids the next day.

You can listen to Eamon Dunphy's The Stand podcast here.

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