Watch: Harry Redknapp Tells Classic Tale Of £20K Bet With Yakubu

Watch: Harry Redknapp Tells Classic Tale Of £20K Bet With Yakubu

£20,000 bets are the theme of the day -Alexis Sanchez is facing questions from Man United bosses over an alleged bet of that value with Marcos Rojo over whether Jose would be sacked, while Harry Redknapp popped up on talkSPORT to tell a classic tale on that topic. The setting is Portsmouth's training ground; the context is before Pompey's Premier League debut; the characters are Harry Redknapp and striker Yakubu.

We got promoted to the Premier League, and I said to The Yak, 'How many goals are you going to score this season?' Not cup goals, Premier League goals. He said 'hmmmmm....20'. 20 league goals? 'I think so gaffer, yeah'. I said, 'Right, I'll give you £20,000 of my own money if you score 20 league goals'. And the season goes on...and last game of the season, we're playing Middlesbrough and we win 5-0.

The Yak scores four goals, and in the dressing room I'm saying, 'Well done Yak, you were fantastic'. He says, 'yeah, but I should have scored that other goal', and I reply, 'What goal? You got four goals, that was incredible!', 'Yeah, but I had 19 more goal and I would have won your money'.

I said, 'Oh my God, I didn't realise, I would have subbed you well before!'

I had no idea he was on 19 goals, I'd have subbed him straight away. There was no way he was getting my 20 grand.


A good yarn, but there is a slight problem - The Yak actually hit 16 goals in the league that season, with his cup goals taking him to 19, so Redknapp had a way out regardless.

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