These Tim Sherwood 'Price' Comments Show How Far The Jack Grealish Hype Has Gone

These Tim Sherwood 'Price' Comments Show How Far The Jack Grealish Hype Has Gone

It's said every summer, but it's always true. The prices being paid in transfers is extraordinary. Whether it's the £35 million paid for Andy Carroll, or the sum paid for Anthony Martial, they are extortionate fees.

It seems that the fees being paid for potential is the norm these days. One player with a lot of hype over his potential is Jack Grealish. With the interest being shown in Grealish from Ireland and England, it's not a huge leap to think that clubs might make a move for him. But how much is Jack Grealish worth to Aston Villa?

That's the question that was put to Tim Sherwood this week, and his answer really sums up how hyped Grealish really is:

I wouldn’t want to sell for £60million today, put it that way. I know what he could possibly be. What looks expensive this year might not be expensive next year. That’s the way the game is going.

He’s not a shop window job, he’s our player, and we couldn’t put a price on him. I certainly wouldn’t.

It may be a reflection of the craziness of the transfer window, but £60 million for a 20-year-old with only 14 top flight appearances is massive. It's very clear that Grealish is a good player, with the potential to be very good - but let's not get carried away.



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