Jenas Believes Pochettino Should Aim Higher Than Arsenal For Next Job

Jenas Believes Pochettino Should Aim Higher Than Arsenal For Next Job

Jermaine Jenas believes that Mauricio Pochettino's aims for his next managerial post should be set far higher than Arsenal.

Eight days after Pochettino was sacked by Spurs, the Arsenal job became available when the club parted ways with Unai Emery.

"Arsenal is a huge football club and the wages would be great for Mauricio. Putting myself in his shoes, I think his stock will be far higher than that," the former Spurs midfielder told BT Sport.

The job that he did at Tottenham puts him in a different bracket.

If I was Mauricio I'd have six months off to recuperate after working non stop for six years at Spurs. Come to the end of the season there's a good chance that Man United, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid might ring.

I know he mentioned he wouldn't go to Barcelona because of his Espanyol links, but there are a lot of huge clubs out there I think he can go to. The Arsenal job isn't one that is that attractive, personally, to anyone right now.

Asked why he believes the Arsenal job is not an enticing one at the moment, Jenas cited uncertainty regarding transfer funds and the direction of the club.


"The decision they've taken feels like a knee jerk reaction, there doesn't seem to be any real planning behind what they're doing or any direction in terms of what they want in a manager," said Jenas.

"Are they just going to throw a load of names in the hat and go: 'Is it [Massimiliano] Allegri, is it Pochettino, is it [Carlos] Ancelotti'. That's what it feels like at the minute."

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