'Morally Unjustifiable' - Liverpool Supporter Groups Slam New Ticket Prices

'Morally Unjustifiable' - Liverpool Supporter Groups Slam New Ticket Prices

Liverpool announced their new ticket pricing structure today in anticipation of the opening of the redeveloped main stand next season.

For the first time, a season ticket at Anfield will cost as high as £1,000. Also, some tickets in the main stand will cost £77.

As part of the announcement the club hailed the introduction of £9 tickets. However only 1,581 of these will be available over the entire season.


Through a statement released on, the Ticket Working Group, an amalgamation of three supporters groups who have been in consulation with the club over the last 13 months regarding ticket prices, called the new structure 'morally unjustifiable'.

The outcome is extremely disappointing and a missed opportunity for LFC to lead in a fairer approach to ticket prices. After months of time and effort, meetings and debate of ideas and plans to lower supporters’ costs, the owners have chosen to increase prices for many. In the context of the huge income rises the club will receive next year, to up their revenue from fans through season and matchday tickets is both unnecessary and morally unjustifiable.

At a time of ever increasing commercial and media revenues, the club’s reliance on ‘general-admission’ returns is diminishing, and this is a lost opportunity for LFC to begin the reversal of the effects of inflation-busting prices that have forced out many loyal fans over recent years. We had hoped to find a solution to better accessibility to Anfield for younger and future generations through reduced ticket prices.

We began our engagement with the club in a spirit of cooperation and a willingness to compromise. To give the process the best chance of success we presented ideas and agreed to their requests for confidentiality, agreeing a Terms of Reference by which we have abided.

Our proposals going into the negotiation were as follows:

1. At least 70% of the ground to be paying an affordable price (£30 in our view);

2. An end to match categorisation and;

3. Increases in the number of young supporters inside Anfield.

We believe it is right and fair to lower ticket prices in order to sustain our support and subsequently the atmosphere inside Anfield.

Unfortunately, the decisions of the ownership are based purely on economics with no compromise. They have tried to frame the debate from the view that ticket prices as they stand are fair and that their planned rises somehow supports this fairness. This is an unsustainable argument being put by the owners. Fairness is not making more money than ever before from supporters.

There will be some new initiatives, but the major issues of ticket cost and categorisation remain unresolved, unappreciated by the owners and a further setback for loyal supporters trying to afford to watch their team play.

We will make further detailed comment once the new prices are released in the coming days.

PJ Browne
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