Positivity - Luke Shaw Outlines The Main Difference Solskjaer Has Brought To United

Positivity - Luke Shaw Outlines The Main Difference Solskjaer Has Brought To United

It might just have been Cardiff and Huddersfield but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's time in charge of Manchester United couldn't have gone any better. Bournemouth at home today doesn't exactly turn the dial up too much to end the year either.

The United decision makers certainly knew their easiest stretch of the season was ahead when they made the decision to sack Jose Mourinho, but you still imagine United would have secured all six points from both games if they hadn't made the change.

What is safe to say, though, is that it is unlikely the team would've scored eight goals in the two games if Mourinho was still in charge. It is unlikely that Paul Pogba would be back in the team and doing solo dances on the pitch at Old Trafford. The team suddenly look free. They are not afraid to attack and express themselves.

A lot of talk about "knowing the club" has been aimed at Solskjaer in the last week as a barely veiled dig at Mourinho from Manchester United legends. It's definitely an overblown concept. But witnessing the transformation in body language, risk taking, and attacking energy from the talented players on show in the last two games suggests that the new manager has given his team the freedom to go and play in the "The Manchester United Way".

Another change in the reign of Solskjaer is the return to the team of Luke Shaw. It's the maligned fullback's umpteenth renaissance at Old Trafford, but nobody was more maligned and criticised by Mourinho over the last couple of years than Shaw.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the left back told of how the players and fans can immediately see the difference in the positivity of the new manager on and off the pitch.


I think you can see from the outside how much he has changed things in such a short space of time. He is just a really positive manager, he knows what the club needs and also what the fans want in the way we are playing.

He’s bringing that attacking, quick play back to Old Trafford. I’m sure the fans are going to appreciate that as much as we do.

Whether the form continues or not, it's clear that the shackles are off at United for the rest of the season. The players will be trusted to express their talents under Solskjaer and show what they can do. Whether that's good enough or not will be another question. Either way, United fans will be happier. This is the club they grew up with.

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