Manufacturers Umbro Distance Themselves From Controversial New Linfield Kit

Manufacturers Umbro Distance Themselves From Controversial New Linfield Kit

The controversy around Linfield's new away kit continues to rumble on. The reaction to the release of the jersey last week was predictable, with the club's new away kit looking suspiciously similar to the UVF's flag.

Considering Linfield's strong unionist links, many felt this was hardly a coincidence.

The UVF was responsible for over the killing of over 500 people, most of which were catholics civilians.

Linfield would go on to claim that any similarity between the kit and the flag was entirely coincidental, a claim that was believed by few onlookers.

The controversy has now taken another turn, with kit manufacturer Umbro getting involved.


In a statement released this morning, Umbro said they were unaware of the potential political message behind the kit and were following the instructions of Linfield. They also said they will no longer promote the kit on any of the channels.

At Umbro we believe in the unifying and democratic power of football. This is why we are opposed to all forms of discrimination, discriminatory behaviour and violence.

Kit designs are a collaborative process and this kit was based purely on guidance from the club. We apologise unreservedly for any offence we have unintentionally been party to.

Furthermore there will be no promotion of this product on any Umbro channels.

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Gary Connaughton

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