Noel King On Why He Won't Be Pursuing Dan Crowley

Noel King On Why He Won't Be Pursuing Dan Crowley

The Jack Grealish saga has left an impression on Noel King. He does not intend on chasing another son of Irish immigrants.

Dan Crowley has played for the England U18s but has not ruled out the possibility of eventually playing for Ireland. He had previously played for the Irish U16s and his father comes from Wexford. He played GAA in his hometown of Coventry.

Noel King has told the media that he will not be pursuing Arsenal hopeful Dan Crowley to play for the U21s.

We know all about Daniel but I won't be pursuing him. He knows our position. Martin O'Neill had a chat with Danny's father and it is up to them to decide. I certainly won't be trying to convince him. You have to let players and their families choose for themselves because it is a big decision.


Last year, we spoke to Crowley's old GAA coach, who stated his belief that the youngster would eventually choose to declare for Ireland and with that prediction looking to have come true, we can only assume Martin O'Neill is already crossing off the days until he can consider calling him up to the senior setup.

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