Peter Crouch's Roy Keane Selfie 'Art Gallery' Is Absolutely Priceless

Peter Crouch's Roy Keane Selfie 'Art Gallery' Is Absolutely Priceless

Roy Keane portrays a sulky demeanour most of the time, but you get the feeling that he's actually a bit of craic under it all. His time as a pundit in the Sky Sports studio has seen a lot of people soften to him and he has produced a few great one-liners.

Keane has often expressed his dismay with many experts of modern life, the infamous selfie included. To be fair, he does oblige the public by stopping for pictures with supporters. He just often looks quite annoyed to do so.

This has become somewhat of a running joke on The Peter Crouch Podcast in recent weeks, who have been sharing some of the Irishman's funnier selfies, along with what was supposedly said when he was asked to take a picture.

They have now taken this to the next level, putting all of the selfies into a very special 'art gallery'.

In the video, Crouch, Tom Fordyce and Chris Stark go through a number of pictures, giving them their own particular style of artistic critique. The results are pretty funny.


Brilliant. You can listen to the full podcast here.

After seeing this, we hope Keane doesn't stop taking selfies altogether. He can't rob the world of more moments such as the ones above...

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Gary Connaughton

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