Our Completely Serious Player Ratings From Sean Cox Charity Match

Our Completely Serious Player Ratings From Sean Cox Charity Match

In what was a great day out for Irish football fans at the Aviva Stadium, Liverpool defeated Ireland 2-1 thanks to a Vladimir Smicer winner. It was a fitting occasion to help raise some vital funds for Sean Cox and his family.

In terms of performances, it was a very mixed bag. Some players still have it, others not so much. Here's how we rated them.


Wayne Henderson - 8

Pulled off a cracking save to deny Robbie Fowler early on.

Steven Reid - 7

Playing as a centre back, he looked more accomplished than his partner who was an actual defender.


Ian Harte - 6

The biggest disappointment of the evening was the lack of Ian Harte free-kicks.

Kenny Cunningham - 5

Gave away the penalty and got a run around from Robbie Keane in the second half.

Ronnie Whelan - 6


The mobility is gone lads. Threw his jacket at Mick McCarthy walking off, pointing to some potential unrest in the Ireland camp. Swapped teams at half time in a presumed fit of rage.

Stephen Hunt - 7

Absolutely nailed Jason McAteer after the two ran into each other. It looked completely unitentional, but with Hunt you would never know...

Kevin Doyle - 9

Watching Doyle and Keane up front together brought back some fond memories. The partnership hasn't lost an ounce of chemistry, and Doyle is still in great shape.

Robbie Keane - 10


Basically a cheat code in this game. Made hay against a weaker Ireland defence in the second half. Mick McCarthy should probably sack him as a coach and get him back in the squad!

Kevin Foley - 7

Another lad who's ability to actually run stood out, Foley did a decent job down the right.

Lee Carsley - 6

He did Lee Carsley things.


Keith Andrews - 8

Opened the scoring with a decent header and generally played in a very Keith Andrews like manner.

Graham Kavanagh - 6

A commanding and forgettable showing.

Liam Lawrence - 8


he never lost that set-piece ability anyway, coming up with some lovely deliveries. Almost scored a volley from about 200 yards.

Kevin Kilbane - 7

Mr consistency, a guaranteed 7/10 every week. We will just give him one here as well.

Ray Houghton - 7

Like the conductor of an orchestra in midfield, just don't ask him to do any running.


Alan Quinn - 6

A quiet game, didn't do a whole lot.

Stephen Elliott - 7

Had some lovely touches and hit a couple of nice passes.

Sean St Ledger - 5

Played left back, didn't really suit him.


Colin Healy - 6

A good effort down the right, didn't venture forward too often.

Shane Supple - 5

Didn't have a lot to do, but let in Smicer's goal.

Keith Fahey - 6

Fit as a fiddle, he wouldn't look out of place in an actual football match.


Niall Quinn - 8

A typical target man performance in his brief cameo. Rattled the bar with a beauty of a looping header that would have salvaged a draw for Ireland.


Sander Westerveld - 10

Pulled off an Alison-like turn to send Kevin Doyle to the shops. Did feck all else, but that was enough for us.


Bjorn Tore Kvarme - 7

Had a solid showing in the centre of defence.

Jason McAteer - 6

Lost his head with Jermine Pennant early on, then got cleaned out by Stephen Hunt. In decent shape.

Sami Hyypia - 8

Probably in better shape than most current Premier League players, should be signed by Fulham to sort out their defence.


Patrik Berger - 4

A wand off a left foot, loses four points for chopping off those long luscious locks.

Phil Babb - -2

Made a couple of cracking defensive contributions, stopping Keane form scoring for Ireland one more time. Negative points.

Steve McManaman - 7


Now a central midfielder apparently, he lacked the engine that made him such a good player. Still better than most.

Robbie Fowler - 9

He may have put on a bit of timber, but the man has magic in his boots. Some beautiful touches around the box and would have opened the scoring if not for a cracking Henderson save.

Jermaine Pennant - 7

Won the penalty for Liverpool before being withdrawn due to injury. Made a miraculous recovery to play the second half.


Vladimir Smicer - 8

Had a cracking goal ruled out for offside, probably would have been better than the one in the Champions League final. Made it up for it later on with a tasty finish to give Liverpool the lead.

Michael Thomas - 5

Got largely overrun by a youthful midfield. Played the Claude Makelele role without making any tackles.

John Aldridge - 9


Absolutely took the piss with a stuttered penalty run up to bring Liverpool level. Pulled on the green jersey for the second half.

Richie Partridge - 5

Got a bit of a trimming from Stephen Elliott in the second half.

Neil Mellor - 6

Played in an unfamiliar wide position, he didn't have enough in the legs for it.

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Gary Connaughton

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