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Premier League Fixtures Announced: Here's Every Club's Schedule

Premier League Fixtures Announced: Here's Every Club's Schedule
Luke Delaney
By Luke Delaney
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The Premier League fixtures have just been released ahead of the 2022/23 season. After a thrilling finish to last season's campaign where the title, top four and relegation were only decided on the final day, we can all only hope for a similar campaign this time around.

The season will begin on Friday August 5th when Arsenal travel to Crystal Palace. The last round of fixtures takes place on Sunday May 28th.

There is a month-and-a-half break in the middle of the season for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Here's every club's schedule and Premier League fixtures for the new campaign.

2022/23 Premier League fixtures

Arsenal Premier League fixtures

5th August - Crystal Palace (A)

13th August - Leicester (h)

20th August - Bournemouth (a)


27th August - Fulham (h)

30th August - Aston Villa (h)

3rd September - Manchester United (a)


10th September - Everton (h)

17th September - Brentford (a)

1st October - Tottenham (h)


8th October - Liverpool (h)

15th October - Leeds (a)

18th October - Manchester City (h)


22nd October - Southampton (a)

29th October - Nottingham Forest (h)

5th November - Chelsea (a)


12th November - Wolves (a)

26th December - West Ham (h)

31st December - Brighton (a)


2nd January - Newcastle (h)

14th January - Tottenham (a)

21st January - Manchester United (h)

4th February - Everton (a)

11th February - Brentford (h)

18th February - Aston Villa (a)

25th February - Leicester (a)

4th March - Bournemouth (h)

11th March - Fulham (a)

18th March - Crystal Palace (h)

1st April - Leeds (h)

8th April - Liverpool (a)

15th April - West Ham (a)

22nd April - Southampton (h)

26th April - Manchester City (a)

29th April - Chelsea (h)

6th May - Newcastle (a)

13th May - Brighton (h)

20th May - Nottingham Forest (a)

28th May - Wolves (h)

Aston Villa

6th August - Bournemouth (a)

13th August - Everton (h)

20th August - Crystal Palace (a)

27th August - West Ham (h)

30th August - Arsenal (a)

3rd September - Manchester City (h)

10th September - Leicester (a)

17th September - Southampton (h)

1st October - Leeds (a)

8th October - Nottingham Forest (a)

15th October - Chelsea (h)

18th October - Fulham (a)

22nd October - Brentford (h)

29th October - Newcastle (a)

5th November - Manchester United (h)

11th November - Brighton (a)

26th December - Liverpool (h)

31st December - Tottenham (a)

2nd January - Wolves (h)

14th January - Leeds (h)

21st January - Southampton (a)

4th February - Leicester (h)

11th February - Manchester City (a)

18th February - Arsenal (h)

25th February - Everton (a)

4th March - Crystal Palace (h)

11th March - West Ham (a)

18th March - Bournemouth (h)

1st April - Chelsea (a)

8th April - Nottingham Forest (h)

15th April - Newcastle (h)

22nd April - Brentford (a)

25th April - Fulham (h)

29th April - Manchester United (a)

6th May - Wolves (a)

13th May - Tottenham (h)

20th May - Liverpool (a)

28th May - Brighton (h)


6th August - Aston Villa (h)

13th August - Manchester City (a)

20th August - Arsenal (h)

27th August - Liverpool (a)

30th August - Wolves (h)

3rd September - Nottingham Forest (a)

10th September - Brighton (h)

17th September - Newcastle (a)

1st October - Brentford (h)

8th October - Leicester (h)

15th October - Fulham (a)

18th October - Southampton (h)

22nd October - West Ham (a)

29th October - Tottenham (h)

5th November - Leeds (a)

12th November - Everton (h)

26th December - Chelsea (a)

31st December - Crystal Palace (h)

2nd January - Manchester United (a)

14th January - Brentford (a)

21st January - Nottingham Forest (h)

4th February - Brighton (a)

11th February - Newcastle (h)

18th February - Wolves (a)

25th February - Manchester City (h)

4th March - Arsenal (a)

11th March - Liverpool (h)

18th March - Aston Villa (a)

1st April - Fulham (h)

8th April - Leicester (a)

15th April - Tottenham (a)

22nd April - West Ham (h)

26th April - Southampton (a)

29th April - Leeds (h)

6th May - Chelsea (h)

13th May - Crystal Palace (a)

20th May - Manchester United (h)

28th May - Everton (a)


6th August - Leicester (a)

13th August - Manchester United (h)

20th August - Fulham (a)

27th August - Everton (h)

30th August - Crystal Palace (a)

3rd September - Leeds (h)

10th September - Southampton (a)

17th September - Arsenal (h)

1st October - Bournemouth (a)

8th October - Newcastle (a)

15th October - Brighton (h)

18th October - Chelsea (h)

22nd October - Aston Villa (a)

29th October - Wolves (h)

5th November - Nottingham Forest (a)

12th November - Manchester City (a)

26th December - Tottenham (h)

31st December - West Ham (a)

2nd January - Liverpool (h)

14th January - Bournemouth (h)

21st January - Leeds (a)

4th February - Southampton (h)

11th February - Arsenal (a)

18th February - Crystal Palace (h)

25th February - Manchester United (a)

4th March - Fulham (h)

11th March - Everton (a)

18th March - Leicester (h)

1st April - Brighton (a)

8th April - Newcastle (h)

15th April - Wolves (a)

22nd April - Aston Villa (h)

26th April - Chelsea (a)

29th April - Nottingham Forest

6th May - Liverpool (a)

13th May - West Ham (h)

20th May - Tottenham (a)

28th May - Manchester City (h)


7th August - Manchester United (a)

13th August - Newcastle (h)

20th August - West Ham (a)

27th August - Leeds (h)

30th August - Fulham (a)

3rd September - Leicester (h)

10th September - Bournemouth (a)

17th September - Crystal Palace (h)

1st October - Liverpool (a)

8th October - Spurs (h)

15th October - Brentford (a)

18th October - Nottingham Forest (h)

22nd October - Manchester City (a)

29th October - Chelsea (h)

5th November - Wolves (a)

12th November - Aston Villa (h)

26th December - Southampton (a)

31st December - Arsenal (h)

2nd January - Everton (a)

14th January - Liverpool (h)

21st January - Leicester (a)

4th February - Bournemouth (h)

11th February - Crystal Palace (a)

18th February - Fulham (h)

25th February - Newcastle (a)

4th March - West Ham (h)

11th March - Leeds (a)

18th March - Manchester United (h)

1st April - Brentford (h)

8th April - Tottenham (a)

15th April - Chelsea (a)

22nd April - Manchester City (h)

25th April - Nottingham Forest (a)

29th April - Wolves (h)

6th May - Everton (h)

13th May - Arsenal (a)

20th May - Southampton (h)

28th May - Aston Villa (a)

Chelsea Premier League fixtures

6th August - Everton (a)

13th August - Tottenham (h)

20th August - Leeds (a)

27th August - Leicester (h)

31st August - Southampton (a)

3rd September - West Ham (h)

10th September - Fulham (a)

17th September - Liverpool (h)

1st October - Crystal Palace (a)

8th October - Wolves (h)

15th October - Aston Villa (a)

18th October - Brentford (a)

22nd October - Manchester United (h)

29th October - Brighton (a)

5th November - Arsenal (h)

12th November - Newcastle (a)

26th December - Bournemouth (h)

31st December - Nottingham Forest (a)

2nd January - Manchester City (h)

14th January - Crystal Palace (h)

21st January - Liverpool (a)

4th February - Fulham (h)

11th February - West Ham (a)

18th February - Southampton (h)

25th February - Tottenham (a)

4th March - Leeds (h)

11th March - Leicester (a)

18th March - Everton (h)

1st April - Aston Villa (h)

8th April - Wolves (a)

15th April - Brighton (h)

22nd April - Manchester United (a)

26th April - Brentford (h)

29th April - Arsenal (a)

6th May - Bournemouth (a)

13th May - Nottingham Forest (h)

20th May - Manchester City (a)

28th May - Newcastle (h)

Crystal Palace

5th August - Arsenal (h)

13th August - Liverpool (a)

20th August - Aston Villa (h)

27th August - Manchester City (a)

30th August - Brentford (h)

3rd September - Newcastle (a)

10th September - Manchester United (h)

17th September - Brighton (a)

1st October - Chelsea (h)

8th October - Leeds (h)

15th October - Leicester (a)

18th October - Wolves (h)

22nd October - Everton (a)

29th October - Southampton (h)

5th November - West Ham (a)

12th November - Nottingham Forest (a)

26th December - Fulham (h)

31st December - Bournemouth (a)

2nd January - Tottenham (h)

14th January - Chelsea (a)

21st January - Newcastle (h)

4th February - Manchester United (a)

11th February - Brighton (h)

18th February - Brentford (a)

25th February - Liverpool (h)

4th March - Aston Villa (a)

11th March - Manchester City (h)

18th March - Arsenal (a)

1st April - Leicester (h)

8th April - Leeds (a)

15th April - Southampton (a)

22nd April - Everton (h)

25th April - Wolves (a)

29th April - West Ham (h)

6th May - Tottenham (a)

13th May - Bournemouth (h)

20th May - Fulham (a)

28th May - Nottingham Forest (h)

Everton Premier League fixtures

6th August - Chelsea (h)

13th August - Aston Villa (a)

20th August - Nottingham Forest (h)

27th August - Brentford (a)

30th August - Leeds (a)

3rd September - Liverpool (h)

10th September - Arsenal (a)

17th September - West Ham (h)

1st October - Southampton (a)

8th October - Manchester United (h)

15th October - Tottenham (a)

19th October - Newcastle (a)

22nd October - Crystal Palace (h)

29th October - Fulham (a)

5th November - Leicester (h)

12th November - Bournemouth (a)

26th December - Wolves (h)

31st December - Manchester City (a)

2nd January - Brighton (h)

14th January - Southampton (h)

21st January - West Ham (a)

4th February - Arsenal (h)

11th February - Liverpool (a)

18th February - Leeds (h)

25th February - Aston Villa (h)

4th March - Nottingham Forest (a)

11th March - Brentford (h)

18th March - Chelsea (a)

1st April - Tottenham (h)

8th April - Manchester United (a)

15th April - Fulham (h)

22nd April - Crystal Palace (a)

25th April - Newcastle (h)

29th April - Leicester (a)

6th May - Brighton (a)

13th May - Manchester City (h)

20th May - Wolves (a)

28th May - Bournemouth (h)


6th August - Liverpool (h)

13th August - Wolves (a)

20th August - Brentford (h)

27th August - Arsenal (a)

30th August - Brighton (h)

3rd September - Tottenham (a)

10th September - Chelsea (h)

17th September - Nottingham Forest (a)

1st October - Newcastle (h)

8th October - West Ham (a)

15th October - Bournemouth (h)

18th October - Aston Villa (h)

22nd October - Leeds (a)

29th October - Everton (h)

5th November - Manchester City (a)

12th November - Manchester United (h)

26th December - Crystal Palace (a)

31st December - Southampton (h)

2nd January - Leicester (a)

14th January - Newcastle (a)

21st January - Tottenham (h)

4th February - Chelsea (a)

11th February - Nottingham Forest (h)

18th February - Brighton (a)

25th February - Wolves (h)

4th March - Brentford (a)

11th March - Arsenal (h)

18th March - Liverpool (a)

1st April - Bournemouth (a)

8th April - West Ham (h)

15th April - Everton (a)

22nd April - Leeds (h)

25th April - Aston Villa (a)

29th April - Manchester City (h)

6th May - Leicester (h)

13th May - Southampton (a)

20th May - Crystal Palace (h)

28th May - Manchester United (a)

Leeds Premier League fixtures

6th August - Wolves (h)

13th August - Southampton (a)

20th August - Chelsea (h)

27th August - Brighton (a)

3rd September - Brentford (a)

10th September - Nottingham Forest (h)

17th September - Manchester United (a)

1st October - Aston Villa (h)

8th October - Crystal Palace (a)

15th October - Arsenal (h)

18th October - Leicester (a)

22nd October - Fulham (h)

29th October - Liverpool (a)

5th November - Bournemouth (h)

12th November - Tottenham (a)

26th December - Manchester City (h)

31st December - Newcastle (a)

2nd January - West Ham (h)

14th January - Aston Villa (a)

21st January - Brentford (h)

4th February - Nottingham Forest (a)

11th February - Manchester United (h)

18th February - Everton (a)

25th February - Southampton (h)

4th March - Chelsea (a)

11th March - Brighton (h)

18th March - Wolves (a)

1st April - Arsenal (a)

8th April - Crystal Palace (h)

15th April - Liverpool (h)

22nd April - Fulham (a)

25th April - Leicester (h)

29th April - Bournemouth (a)

6th May - Manchester City (a)


13th May - Newcastle (h)

20th May - West Ham (a)

28th May - Tottenham (h)


6th August - Brentford (h)

13th August - Arsenal (a)

20th August - Southampton (h)

27th August - Chelsea (a)

30th August - Manchester United (h)

3rd September - Brighton (a)

10th September - Aston Villa (h)

17th September - Tottenham (a)

1st October - Nottingham Forest (h)

8th October - Bournemouth (a)

15th October - Crystal Palace (h)

18th October - Leeds (h)

22nd October - Wolves (a)

29th October - Manchester City (h)

5th November - Everton (a)

12th November - West Ham (a)

26th December - Newcastle (h)

31st December - Liverpool (a)

2nd January - Fulham (h)

14th January - Nottingham Forest (a)

21st January - Brighton (h)

4th February - Aston Villa (a)

11th February - Tottenham (h)

18th February - Manchester United (a)

25th February - Arsenal (h)

4th March - Southampton (a)

11th March - Chelsea (h)

18th March - Brentford (a)

1st April - Crystal Palace (a)

8th April - Bournemouth (h)

15th April - Manchester City (a)

22nd April - Wolves (h)

25th April - Leeds (a)

29th April - Everton (h)

6th May - Fulham (a)

13th May - Liverpool (h)

20th May - Newcastle (a)

28th May - West Ham (h)

Liverpool Premier League fixtures

6th August - Fulham (a)

13th August - Crystal Palace (h)

20th August - Manchester United (a)

27th August - Bournemouth (h)

31st August - Newcastle (h)

3rd September - Everton (a)

10th September - Wolves (h)

17th September - Chelsea (a)

1st October - Brighton (h)

8th October - Arsenal (a)

15th October - Manchester City (h)

19th October - West Ham (h)

22nd October - Nottingham Forest (a)

29th October - Leeds (h)

5th November - Tottenham (a)

12th November - Southampton (h)

26th December - Aston Villa (a)

31st December - Leicester (h)

2nd January - Brentford (a)

14th January - Brighton (a)

21st January - Chelsea (h)

4th February - Wolves (A)

11th February - Everton (h)

18th February - Newcastle (a)

25th February - Crystal Palace (a)

4th March - Manchester United (h)

11th March - Bournemouth (a)

18th March - Fulham (h)

1st April - Manchester City (a)

8th April - Arsenal (h)

15th April - Leeds (a)

22nd April - Nottingham Forest (h)

25th April - West Ham (a)

29th April - Tottenham (h)

6th May - Brentford (h)

13th May - Leicester (a)

20th May - Aston Villa (h)

28th May - Southampton (a)

Manchester City Premier League fixtures

7th August - West Ham (a)

13th August - Bournemouth (h)

20th August - Newcastle (a)

27th August - Crystal Palace (h)

31st August - Nottingham Forest (h)

3rd September - Aston Villa (a)

10th September - Tottenham (h)

17th September - Wolves (a)

1st October - Manchester United (h)

8th October - Southampton (h)

15th October - Liverpool (a)

18th October - Arsenal (a)

22nd October - Brighton (h)

29th October - Leicester

5th November - Fulham (h)

12th November - Brentford (h)

26th December - Leeds (a)

31st December - Everton (h)

2nd January - Chelsea (a)

14th January - Manchester United (a)

21st January - Wolves (h)

4th February - Tottenham (a)

11th February - Aston Villa (h)

18th February - Nottingham Forest (a)

25th February - Bournemouth (a)

4th March - Newcastle (h)

11th March - Crystal Palace (a)

18th March - West Ham (h)

1st April - Liverpool (h)

8th April - Southampton (a)

15th April - Leicester (h)

22nd April - Brighton (a)

26th April - Arsenal (h)

29th April - Fulham (a)

6th May - Leeds (h)

13th May - Everton (a)

20th May - Chelsea (h)

28th May - Brentford (a)

Manchester United Premier League fixtures

7th August - Brighton (home)

13th August - Brentford (away)

20th August - Liverpool (h)

27th August - Southampton (a)

30th August - Leicester (a)

3rd September - Arsenal (h)

10th September - Crystal Palace (a)

17th September - Leeds (h)

1st October - Manchester City (a)

8th October - Everton (a)

15th October - Newcastle (h)

19th October - Tottenham (h)

22nd October - Chelsea (a)

29th October - West Ham (h)

5th November - Aston Villa (a)

12th November - Fulham (a)

26th December - Nottingham Forest (h)

31st December - Wolves (a)

2nd January - Bournemouth (h)

14th January - Manchester City (h)

21st January - Arsenal (a)

4th February - Crystal Palace (h)

11th February - Leeds (a)

18th February - Leicester (h)

25th February - Brentford (h)

4th March - Liverpool (a)

11th March - Southampton (h)

18th March - Brighton (a)

1st April - Newcastle (a)

8th April - Everton (h)

15th April - Nottingham Forest (a)

22nd April - Chelsea (h)

25th April - Tottenham (a)

29th April - Aston Villa (h)

6th May - West Ham (a)

13th May - Wolves (h)

20th May - Bournemouth (a)

28th May - Fulham (h)


6th August - Nottingham Forest (home)

13th August - Brighton (away)

20th August - Manchester City (h)

27th August - Wolves (a)

31st August - Liverpool (a)

3rd September - Crystal Palace (h)

10th September - West Ham (a)

17th September - Bournemouth (h)

1st October - Fulham (a)

8th October - Brentford (h)

15th October - Manchester United (a)

19th October - Everton (h)

22nd October - Tottenham (a)

29th October - Aston Villa (h)

5th November - Southampton (a)

12th November - Chelsea (h)

26th December - Leicester (a)

31st December - Leeds (h)

2nd January - Arsenal (a)

14th January - Fulham (h)

21st January - Crystal Palace (a)

4th February - West Ham (h)

11th February - Bournemouth (a)

18th February - Liverpool (h)

25th February - Brighton (h)

4th March - Manchester City (a)

11th March - Wolves (h)

18th March - Nottingham Forest (a)

1st April - Manchester United (h)

8th April - Brentford (A)

15th April - Aston Villa (a)

22nd April - Tottenham (h)

25th April - Everton (a)

29th April - Southampton (h)

6th May - Arsenal (h)

13th May - Leeds (a)

20th May - Leicester (h)

28th May - Chelsea (a)

Nottingham Forest

6th August - Newcastle (away)

13th August - West Ham (home)

20th August - Everton (a)

27th August - Tottenham (h)

31st August - Manchester City (a)

3rd September - Bournemouth (h)

10th September - Leeds (A)

17th September - Fulham (h)

1st October - Leicester (a)

8th October - Aston Villa (h)

15th October - Wolves (a)

18th October - Brighton (a)

22nd October - Liverpool (h)

29th October - Arsenal (a)

5th November - Brentford (h)

12th November - Crystal Palace (h)

26th December - Manchester United (a)

31st December - Chelsea (h)

2nd January - Southampton (a)

14th January - Leicester (h)

21st January - Bournemouth (a)

4th February - Leeds (h)

11th February - Fulham (a)

18th February - Manchester City (h)

25th February - West Ham (a)

4th March - Everton (h)

11th March - Spurs (a)

18th March - Newcastle (h)

1st April - Wolves (h)

8th April - Aston Villa (a)

15th April - Manchester United (h)

22nd April - Liverpool (a)

25th April - Brighton (h)

29th April - Brentford (a)

6th May - Southampton (h)

13th May - Chelsea (a)

20th May - Arsenal (h)

28th May - Crystal Palace (a)


6th August - Tottenham (a)

13th August - Leeds (h)

20th August - Leicester (a)

27th August - Manchester United (h)

31st August - Chelsea (h)

3rd September - Wolves (a)

10th September - Brentford (h)

17th September - Aston Villa (a)

1st October - Everton (h)

8th October - Manchester City (a)

15th October - West Ham (h)

18th October - Bournemouth (a)

22nd October - Arsenal (h)

29th October - Crystal Palace (a)

5th November - Newcastle (h)

12th November - Liverpool (a)

26th December - Brighton (h)

31st December - Fulham (a)

2nd January - Nottingham Forest (h)

14th January - Everton (a)

21st January - Aston Villa (h)

4th February - Brentford (a)

11th February - Wolves (h)

18th February - Chelsea (a)

25th February - Leeds (a)

4th March - Leicester (h)

11th March - Manchester United (a)

18th March - Tottenham (h)

1st April - West Ham (a)

8th April - Manchester City (h)

15th April - Crystal Palace (h)

22nd April - Arsenal (a)

26th April - Bournemouth (h)

29th April - Newcastle (a)

6th May - Nottingham Forest (a)

13th May - Fulham (h)

20th May - Brighton (a)

28th May - Liverpool (h)

Tottenham Premier League fixtures

6th August - Southampton (h)

13th August - Chelsea (a)

20th August - Wolves (h)

27th August - Nottingham Forest (a)

30th August - West Ham (a)

3rd September - Fulham (h)

10th September - Manchester City (a)

17th September - Leicester (h)

1st October - Arsenal (a)

8th October - Brighton (a)

15th October - Everton (h)

19th October - Manchester United (a)

22nd October - Newcastle (h)

29th October - Bournemouth (a)

5th November - Liverpool (h)

12th November - Leeds (h)

26th December - Brentford (a)

31st December - Aston Villa (h)

2nd January - Crystal Palace (a)

14th January - Arsenal (h)

21st January - Fulham (a)

4th February - Manchester City (h)

11th February - Leicester (a)

18th February - West Ham (h)

25th February - Chelsea (h)

4th March - Wolves (a)

11th March - Nottingham Forest (h)

18th March - Southampton (a)

1st April - Everton (a)

8th April - Brighton (h)

15th April - Bournemouth (h)

22nd April - Newcastle (a)

25th April - Manchester United (h)

29th April - Liverpool (a)

6th May - Crystal Palace (h)

13th May - Aston Villa (a)

20th May - Brentford (h)

28th May - Leeds (a)

West Ham

7th August - Manchester City (h)

13th August - Nottingham Forest (a)

20th August - Brighton (h)

27th August - Aston Villa (a)

30th August - Tottenham (h)

3rd September - Chelsea (a)

10th September - Newcastle (h)

17th September - Everton (a)

1st October - Wolves (h)

8th October - Fulham (h)

15th October - Southampton (a)

19th October - Liverpool (a)

22nd October - Bournemouth (h)

29th October - Manchester United (a)

5th November - Crystal Palace (h)

12th November - Leicester (h)

26th December - Arsenal (a)

31st December - Brentford (h)

2nd January - Leeds (a)

14th January - Wolves (a)

21st January - Everton (h)

4th February - Newcastle (a)

11th February - Chelsea (h)

18th February - Tottenham (a)

25th February - Nottingham Forest (h)

4th March - Brighton (a)

11th March - Aston Villa (h)

18th March - Manchester City (a)

1st April - Southampton (h)

8th April - Fulham (a)

15th April - Arsenal (h)

22nd April - Bournemouth (a)

25th April - Liverpool (h)

29th April - Crystal Palace (a)

6th May - Manchester United (h)

13th May - Brentford (a)

20th May - Leeds (h)

28th May - Leicester (a)


6th August - Leeds (a)

13th August - Fulham (h)

20th August - Tottenham (a)

27th August - Newcastle (h)

30th August - Bournemouth (a)

3rd September - Southampton (h)

10th September - Liverpool (a)

17th September - Manchester City (h)

1st October - West Ham (a)

8th October - Chelsea (a)

15th October - Nottingham Forest (h)

18th October - Crystal Palace (a)

22nd October - Leicester (h)

29th October - Brentford (a)

5th November - Brighton (h)

12th November - Arsenal (h)

26th December - Everton (a)

31st December - Manchester United (h)

2nd January - Aston Villa (a)

14th January - West Ham (h)

21st January - Manchester City (a)

4th February - Liverpool (h)

11th February - Southampton (a)

18th February - Bournemouth (h)

25th February - Fulham (a)

4th March - Tottenham (h)

11th March - Newcastle (a)

18th March - Leeds (h)

1st April - Nottingham Forest (a)

8th April - Chelsea (h)

15th April - Brentford (h)

22nd April - Leicester (a)

25th April - Crystal Palace (h)

29th April - Brighton (a)

6th May - Aston Villa (h)

13th May - Manchester United (a)

20th May - Everton (h)

28th May - Arsenal (a)

With the Premier League fixtures now announced, the new season is well and truly on the way. With no World Cup or footballing tournament to look forward to this summer, we have just less that two months to go until the Premier League kicks off again.

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